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BREAKING: Zinedine Zidane steps down as Real Madrid manager

In a shocking turn of events, the Frenchman has announced his resignation as the manager of Los Blancos

Just five days after leading Real Madrid to a third consecutive Champions League title, head-coach Zinedine Zidane has announced his departure. The Frenchman has apparently resigned from the position, just two and a half years since his appointment.


The rumours had been doing the rounds for about an hour before the official announcement as he was called for a surprise press conference by Real Madrid. But now, the 45-year old has come out and confirmed it all.

He said, “I’ve taken the decision not to continue next year. I know it’s a strange moment for everyone involved, but I think it’s the right decision”. Zidane lifted Los Blancos out of the lurch that the much-maligned Rafa Benitez left the team in, and turned them into world beaters, winning 9 out of a possible 13 trophies, including a European cup in each of the three calendar years.

But now, he feels it’s time for a change of guard. “After three years, a change is needed. Something different, a different message”. Zidane did have a poor domestic campaign, as he oversaw his team meekly concede in the La Liga and Copa Del Rey race. But a Champions League medal definitely eclipsed it all. His announcement has now caught the footballing world on a hop. Including the club president Florentino Perez.

“After winning the Champions League, I wasn’t expecting this. He knows I loved him more than any other player or manager and I’ve always wanted him by his side,” said a discombobulated Perez. The billionaire construction magnate was all praises about him when Real Madrid became the first side to retain the Champions League glory. He went as far to say “Zidane can have this job for life.”

So this decision has definitely delivered a bolt out of the blur for him too. “Nobody can be ready or prepared to get news like this,” Perez said. “I thank Zidane for everything that he has brought to the club and defended the club’s values. This is not a goodbye, but a see you later,” he further added.

When questioned about a possible arrival in future, Zidane was quick to endorse the opinion. He said, “Of course, I could return, I’ll always be near to this club as it’s close to my heart. I think many won’t understand but I know it’s the right time. Time for a change. And for the players too.”

Author’s Take

It is very discerning of Zidane to quit on a high. Although this wasn’t expected, he may have had this on the back of his mind for some time. And by leaving now, at his peak, he has only immortalized his legacy. But he’ll be missed, for sure.

Au revoir, monsieur Zidane!

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