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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Zaha price tag changes, United and Chelsea handed a boost

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Wilfried Zaha finally wants to move on from Crystal Palace. His valuation of £70M hindered his move last summer.

Wilfried Zaha has the best player for the Crystal Palace side for quite some time now. Zaha has had a very interesting career in his years in English football. He started from Crystal Palace but Manchester United saw talent in him and signed him.

But Zaha was not able to break into the first team at United. He spent time on a couple of loan spells with the Palace and Cardiff. Before he finally went on to rejoin the Palace team in 2015.

Since moving back to Palace Zaha showed leaps of development in his game. He has the ability to single-handedly turn games on their head. Although the problem for him has always been consistent.

Wilfried Zaha wants to leave Crystal Palace.
Wilfried Zaha wants to leave Crystal Palace.

On his day he can be the best player on the pitch. But on some days you won’t even see him making an impact. However, all these years in the Premier League have shown that he would be a good addition to any Premier League team.

And many are of the opinion that a player like Zaha deserves to play for a bigger team. Last summer Arsenal and Everton had shown interest in the player. But a move was not possible.

Although it looks that Zaha will finally be leaving Crystal Palace in this window. He has set his mind on leaving and Crystal Palace will be looking at offers for him. This might come in as good news for Manchester United and Chelsea.

Zaha’s price tag going down might be good for United and Chelsea

Zaha's price tag going down might be good for United and Chelsea
Manchester United and Chelsea showing interest in Wilfried Zaha.

This hasn’t been the best of seasons for Wilfried Zaha. In fact it probably has been his worse one in the Premier League yet. In 39 games for the club he has just 4 goals and 5 assists to his name in all competitions.

Roy Hodgson believes that the player might not be in the right frame of mind. “It’s obviously affected him because his form in the last few weeks has really been quite poor considering what he is capable of doing,” said the Eagles boss.

“It’s a dilemma for the club and a dilemma for him if he is so set on leaving. If he feels he just does not want to be with us any more, that would be sad.”We still like him very much; we can’t make him like us. This is a situation that only he and the club can sort out. I don’t have an answer.”

According to the Mirror, Manchester United and Chelsea are showing interest in Wilfried Zaha. Earlier Palace had a very different approach when they were facing an offer. The price tag of £70 million was in discussion.

But now the situation is very different. United and Chelsea have a chance of signing him for around £30- 40 million. Which would be a bargain for either of the clubs. United and Chelsea could both use someone like Zaha.

He can be a big impact coming off the bench. Chelsea saw Pulisic get injured and there isn’t really a backup for him. And if United fails to get Sancho Zaha is a good alternative for him. Most importantly his desire to leave which was not present earlier might see him securing a move to a big club.


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