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WWE Live Event India 2017: Winners & Losers

WWE Live Event India held at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium brought the World of Sports and entertainment together. The action-adventure sports genre met the cultural diversity in the form of larger than life Bollywood personalities both inside and outside the ring. The close setting allowed the crowd to interact with wrestlers which mixed the two worlds providing the money’s worth.

Entertainment is essential for enticing incredible India and what better way than to present it in the form of a prestigious show called WWE that has pioneered the concept of Sports Entertainment.

Let us look at the winners and losers from the WWE Live event India


New Delhi Crowd

Delhi was ready to do Dhamaal right from the outset with an Attitude Era feel which is to be expected during live events with an Arena full of rebels ready to explore the experience of a magical entourage. The pops and chants particularly when Varun Dhawan and the shield hit the ring was electric. The Hulk Hogan leg drop spot set the crowd frenzy in a maniac mode reliving that large than life character. The harsh chants with the boos for Enzo Amore also illustrated intelligent Indian spectators that were ready to submerge themselves into the spectacle of psychology with sanity.

Varun Dhawan

Varun added the wow quotient to the already vibrant night in the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. He delivered Steve Austin and Rock’s catchphrases lighting up the memories of my school days when attitude era was at its peak. Varun’s vocal represented a valiant effort on his promo which pertained the crowd to excitement and anticipation that made a Celebrity participation more organic and less forceful maintaining and empowering a theme of the show. Varun came across as a natural on the mic delivering a promo with authority.

The Shield particularly Roman Reigns

WWE should shift its headquarters from Stamford Connecticut to New Delhi India if they really want Roman Reigns to get over. He was one of the hottest superstars in that building and the crowd was into him that signified the Superman prevails in the land of Mythic heroes. Ambrose and Rollins rolled back the years with nostalgic spots that got the crowd pumped up effectively and The Triple Power-bomb to Cesaro raised the bar to a whole new level.

Kane vs Braun Strowman

This was one hell of a fight between two monsters that have shown good chemistry in the ring. The best part was the match fitted the storyline bringing alive the crowd that started to chant ‘This is Awesome’. It was a physical encounter which accelerated at a radiant pace that was well received by an indigenous crowd.

Triple H

Triple H’s fatigue aged face that comprises of sleepless nights just like his Father-in-law Vince McMahon is misleading when it comes to his in-ring performances where he can stay and out-perform more skilled young personnel. He hasn’t a lost step up in that ring and it’s a fact, not an exaggeration, he played with the crowd with a pause used as a polish to underline a spot, the Bhangra with Jinder Mahal was the highlight of the match with Hunter swinging in the mood. WWE has gained a new life in these Live events with Hunter being the enforcer of this charismatic circus.


Jinder Mahal

The Modern Day Maharaja fell into the trap of WWE’s infamous old policy of burying the home talent in their hometown. Of course, Jinder got a great shine and a huge response from his once Native country but Hunter reigned supreme emerging as a clear babyface on the night. Jinder was protected and preserved for this night and he delivered emphatically no doubt with a decorative performance but his kingdom got shattered by the King of Kings which give you a sign of things to come.


Kayfabe died several years ago but it still rises from time to time only to get murdered brutally especially in live events where the onus is on setting up a freestyle show rather than building or continuing a storyline. The Bhangra dance brought pops just like Madison Square Garden two decades ago where Triple H started his feud curbing kayfabe in the process with the clique. Anyway Entertainment is the supreme element that elevates a show so we will screw kayfabe and let HHH off the hook yet again.

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor

The only high point in this match was the entrances, we were promised the Demon vs Sister Abigail instead we received a regular one-dimensional match between these two personalities who lack chemistry to ignite this industry. Hopefully, the fascist feud between these lost characters has finally found its closure.

Poetry in Motion

The Land of Heritage worshipped the game at the Helm

The stars of the stage gathered to build a Blissful Gate.

A Sword of serenity hailed the Shield of Substance

Ancient or Modern the Maharaja is the mercenary of persistence

Entertainment sets ashore the night of wonders

The esteem enterprise felicitated for the crowd to surrender


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