Wow! Arsenal Star’s Father Gives Him Career-Changing Advice

Mesut Ozil’s father has made some bold comments now, saying that he would quit the German national team if he was in his son’s place, after the kind of treatment that the Arsenal man has been getting recently.

The midfielder did not have a good time in Russia at the World Cup and was plagued with injuries and poor form, which eventually contributed to Germany being knocked out of the tournament early.

With that being said, the eventual response that he got from the fans left him “bent, disappointed and offended”, as stated by his father.

Due to this, Mustafa has stated that if he was in his son’s place, he would have probably retired from the national team.

It was a tough time that the former Real Madrid man endured with the Gunners as well, as they failed to win a title and once again did not secure a Champions League spot.

On the other hand, Wenger has now left the club and new boss Unai Emery has taken over. Things are changing at the Emirates and Ozil too has not looked the sharpest in recent times.

A lot of things have together contributed to this unfortunate situation and hopefully, Mesut makes the right decision that is best for him and Joachim Low’s side.


Ozil and Ilkay Gundogan are the main stars that have in particular come under fire. They met and were pictured with controversial Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan, before the World Cup started.

Oliver Bierhoff, the team’s public relations manager, had stated earlier that this could have been a reason why they could have been left out of the squad.

He was also booed previously when the Germans lost a friendly to Austria prior to the tournament and now this has once again brought his place in the national team under question.

Author’s Take-

The fact of the matter is that Ozil has been poor, but Joachin Low has made some worse decisions in terms of selection. He took in a player like Mario Gomez to the World Cup, who was more of a charity case. Apart from that, he dropped Leroy Sane which was a huge blunder on his part.

Also, the likes of Muller and Draxler did nothing either and his whole team did not feature as a unit. He relied on 22 year old Werner to get them the goals, which was too much to ask of him and though some Germans have done it in the past, he just couldn’t.

To add to that, some major errors were made by the defence and even Neuer never looked the same as the previous World Cup. Due to this, only blaming Ozil is really harsh, as he had some injury problems too and the team as a whole was pathetic.

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