World Cup Special: Ten Greatest World Cup Goals of All Time

The countdown continues as the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches and Germany look to defend their title. Here we take a look at the ten greatest goals scored in the tournament

We are less than a week away from the FIFA World Cup and the anticipation is at its peak.  Anticipation for the fight between the bests, anticipation to find out who comes on top and the anticipation to watch and get mesmerized by the beautiful game called Football. The beauty of this game lies in passing for a few and in dribbling for a few.

But one thing is for sure – Everyone will sit down to watch and appreciate the beautiful goals! And in the 88-year history, the World Cup has created it’s fair share of some great goals.

Here we list top ten goals in FIFA World Cup’s history:

Honourable Mentions:

Marco Tardelli (Italy) vs West Germany, 1982:

Playing in the final against West Germany, Italy was leading 1-0 in the second half and Germans were pressing high up the pitch in search of an equalizer. And that opened the doors for Italy’s second goal on the counter-attack. The goal was set up beautifully by Alessandro Altobelli’s Cruyff turn and  Gaetano Scirea’s backheel in the German box. Tardelli, waiting just outside the box, received the ball and flicked it with his first touch to elevate it and buried it in the bottom right corner. Italy won the final with the 3-1 scoreline.

10. Giovanni Van Bronkhorst (Netherlands) vs Uruguay, 2010:

In the first semi-final of the 2010 World Cup, Netherlands looked comfortable with the ball with just 18 minutes on the clock. Dutch were passing the ball nicely in the Uruguayan half while the South-Americans were waiting for their opponents to commit an error. But the error never arrived and instead, the Uruguayans were hit by a thunderous long-range shot.

Dutch captain Van Bronkhorst received the ball on the left touchline, with more than 35 yards away from the goal. And out of nowhere – the captain launched a left-footed missile into the top right corner. The ball touched the tips of the goalkeeper’s fingers, but he could not save the goal due to an unbelievable power on the shot.

The Netherlands took a 1-0 lead and went on to win the game 3-2 to enter the final.

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