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Why Thomas Tuchel is not the right manager for Chelsea?

Since Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea, it can hardly be argued that any manager is right for Chelsea. The Russian oligarch hardly has any time for patience. He has often justified his chop and slash ways by winning trophies every season.

The lastest one to get the sack treatment was Frank Lampard. Chelsea did not waste any time and quickly appointed Thomas Tuchel to replace him. So far he has done well, since his appointment the Blues haven’t lost a game.

While defensively they have improved a lot. The highlight of his short tenure has been the 0-1 away win against Atletico Madrid. Apart from that Tuchel’s honeymoon period can’t be exactly described as spectacular. Only against Burnley and Newcastle, they have managed to score two goals.

Though so far it has been better than Frank Lampard’s last few games, overall Chelsea are yet to fully convince everyone. It is obvious that things won’t change in such a short time but the early signs don’t look so good. Thus it someone may wonder as to whether he is the right manager or not?

Tuchel replaced Lampard at Chelsea

Titles and trophies with Tuchel?

In the past Chelsea have often appointed managers who have won big trophies with other clubs. The likes of Sarri and Lampard were exceptions to it. As for Tuchel, he has won the DFL Pokal Cup and a few numbers of trophies in France. Apart from that, he hasn’t won trophies in other countries.

In a pragmatic sense, the DFL Pokal won by his team is a trophy that has some meaning. Apart from that, the trophies in France are not that meaningful. This is because the level of French football is not as good as it is in the Premier League. Also, PSG are the most dominant team in Ligue 1. There is hardly any competition for them.

In the Champions League, his team bottled a 2-0 lead at home to a weak Manchester United side. The following year they did manage to reach the final but lost to Bayern Munich. However, their opponents in the rounds previous to the final hardly had any big experience in the competition. Also compared to PSG they hardly had any financial muscle and star players.

The moment PSG under him faced a top side they lost the game. Though his tactics in the game were spot on he could have made some timely substitutions as well. Thus he hasn’t got the previous experience of winning league titles in a competitive league. When faced with tough competition teams under him struggle.

Tuchel’s Tactics:

The players who have played under him are full of praise for him. He is said to be a very detail-oriented man, who focuses on a lot of tactics. On paper considering his tactical understanding, he seems to be a good manager for Chelsea. The current Chelsea squad is filled with attacking players of good quality. Even Roman Abramovich hired Sarri so that Chelsea could play expansive football like Klopp’s Liverpool and Guardiola’s Manchester City. Frank Lampard as well tried to play expansive football. While Tuchel also seems to be a manager under whom teams play expansive football.

However, so far Chelsea hasn’t really shown signs of expansive football. They keep a lot of possession but they don’t really test the opposition goalkeeper. While the system of 3-4-3 does not really get the best out of all attacking players. The likes of Ziyech, Kante, James, Havertz, and Pulisic haven’t really been given a chance in the first team. The current squad needs a manager who can get the best out of all the talents in the team. This team is capable of playing expansive football, they should not rely majorly on counter-attacking football. It can only be hoped that perhaps next season Tuchel really releases a team that can play expansive football.

Previous sackings:

In football, managers are often sacked for not producing the desired results. However with Thomas Tuchel that was not precisely the case. Dortmund appointed him in 2015 and he was sacked in 2017. The reason behind his sacking as a manager was because of the differences between the hierarchy and the manager. Even at PSG, the same thing happened. He wasn’t sacked as a manager because of the results. The German was sacked because he fell out of the PSG hierarchy. The Parisians were angry because of his comments.

While Chelsea already has a history of falling out with the managers. Mourinho, Conte, Sarri, and even Lampard fell out with the Chelsea hierarchy. Thus on paper, it hardly makes any sense to hire Tuchel. The former Mainz manager has a record of falling out with the hierarchy of the club. Chelsea have a history of falling out with managers. Though sometimes things work out differently as well. But at this moment that hardly seems to be the case.  


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