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Why India’s Gabba win is a huge mark

India’s success over the past few months is a huge hit for many fans out there. The Men in Blue proved to be the best example for any cricket team, and they are riding a huge pace that can be dated back to their massive win over Australia.

It has been over five months since India clawed its way back into the epic series win at the Gabba earlier this year. The 2-1 series win was a huge success for the Men in Blue as they proved their worth as one of the best teams in the league as well.

Australia was up 1-0 and they did a great job of putting up a huge push to make sure they will win in the series. However, India sparked a run in the second and third game to close out a massive win. They were the best team to wager on in sites like

Despite losing a lot of their first-choice players, India stepped up and made it clear that they will not go down without a fight. A lot of players were injured or didn’t make it to the game due to personal reasons.

Ajinkya Rahane took over the helm in Virat Kohli’s absence and guided the young stars such as Shubman Gill and Washington Sundar to boost India’s offensive game. In the last Test at the Gabba in Brisbane, India even allowed Mohammed Siraj to take the lead and attack.

Gill also stepped in as an opener and scored 91 while Rishabh Pant took over the rest of the match and closed it out with an unbeaten run of 89.

How does this run affect their games?

No one expected India to win that time. Since then, the Men in Blue have thrived in their next set of games. Usman Khawaja was clearly pleased with India’s efforts as with everyone else. The win at the Gabba – where Australia stood undefeated – built a bigger team out of India.

‘I don’t know. I just think that in Sydney also we had a game we probably should have won, could have won. Our bowlers couldn’t finish it off unfortunately and the same thing happened in Gabba’, Usman said.

Usman also knew India played well to close out the series, and it was a strong rally for the squad. He was proud of their effort from start to finish.

‘I thought we had enough runs to defend but if a team chases that many runs on the final day, it doesn’t matter where it is. It’s not easy to chase runs in the fourth innings, no matter where you are’, he continued.

The win at the Gabba did not fatigue India’s players. It awoke a sleeping giant, and the Men in Blue were unstoppable in every series they played after that. England – the Three Lions – could not even score a series win in the past few Tests played against India since the Men in Blue won over Australia.

A better team in India

Usman said India was just the better team back in their win at the Gabba. If that is true, then India has been the same team since then. They have lost a few games but they are yet to give up a whole series since that win.

Indian batters made the Australian bowlers work hard and the mere fact that they had no answer to the Men in Blue’s surging batting order was already a huge win.

‘I think at the end of the day, India was the better team. They played our fast bowlers better than we thought they would’, Usman said. ‘That’s the beauty of cricket. I actually thought that was really good for the game’.

Most online sportsbooks like had a lot of news reports about this match, and it was India making the headlines.

India’s pace has been unstoppable, and they are doing all they can to keep it going all the way to the World Cup as well.


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