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“We should’ve won!” Manchester United icon on losing Premier League title

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho spoke after the loss to West Brom. He bemoaned the causes which led to the Premier League title slipping away from the Red Devils.

A shocking 1-0 defeat against West Brom confirmed that Manchester United are out of contention for the Premier League title this year. Questions have been asked about their approach this season and some highly inconsistent performances against relatively weaker sides when their nemesis, Manchester City were on song.


Their manager Jose Mourinho feels Manchester United should have 10 points more in the Premier League this season as they’ve had a topsy-turvy ride at times when they should have won easily. He bemoaned his team’s inconsistency, following their 2-0 win over Bournemouth.

Disappointed with the defeat to West Brom, Mourinho regretted United’s results against sides down the table following losses to Newcastle United and Huddersfield Town and draws against Stoke City and Southampton. “With our top five opponents, we didn’t lose any points from them. Against City, we won, lost. Against Spurs, we won, we lost.

Against Chelsea, we won, we lost. Against Liverpool, we won, we drew so we got one point from Liverpool. Against Arsenal, we won and we still have one match to play so we are not going to lose, so we didn’t lose points in the two duels against direct opponents. But then we lost three points against teams that were promoted,” said the Manchester United boss.

We lost against Huddersfield Town, we lost against Newcastle United. We lost points against teams who are probably going to be relegated or are in this group of the relegation fight. We lost three points against West Brom. We lost two points against all the other teams involved in that fight, Stoke, Southampton.”

Mourinho’s anguish is quite evident from the above statements. Manchester United are still in contention for the FA cup title where they have to face Tottenham Hotspur in the semi-final. All eyes are on their performance against Spurs.

Author’s Take :

Jose Mourinho lament speaks out the contempt of the most successful teams in the history of Premier League. They have been disappointing and incredible at the same time and this inconsistency has hurt them to finish second in the Premier League. It was evident in the match against Sevilla as well in the UEFA Champions League.

Had they won all those relatively easier matches, they would have given City a tough fight for the title.

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