WATCH: Ball bounces twice before reaching the batsman, umpire gives it as a no ball

The ongoing match between the Supernovas and Velocity in the Women’s T20 Challenge 2019 witnessed a bizarre no ball incident when the ball bounced twice on its way to the wicketkeeper’s gloves. It occurred during the 9th over of the Supernovas’ innings when Velocity’s Amelia Kerr was bowling to Chamari Athapattu.

Amelia dug it short halfway down the pitch but the ball died completely even before it could reach the batsman and bounced once again and Athapattu decided to leave it alone. The ball was eventually called a no ball by the on field umpire in accordance with the new rules even as it ended up in the wicketkeeper’s gloves.

According to the rules, a delivery can be given a no ball if it bounces more than once before the popping crease. Athapattu however failed to capitalize on the free hit delivery as she charged down the track to Amelia but failed to make any contact as Sushma Verma whipped off the bails from behind the stumps.

Watch the video here:

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