Saturday, May 15, 2021

WATCH: Virat Kohli ignores a girl approaching him for a selfie!


Virat Kohli has ignored a girl approaching for a selfie at the airport amidst coronavirus scare.

People may think Virat Kohli as the most animated and rudest cricketer on the cricket field. However, he is a different person off the cricket field. Moreover, opposition players and his teammates have always spoken high of his behavior and image outside the cricket field.

Virat Kohli is a gentleman off the cricket field.

The Indian captain has always shown his compassionate and gentle side outside the cricket field. He has always been humble in his press conferences. Moreover, he treats his opposition players with respect outside the cricket field. No one can forget his gesture to the elderly fan who attended India’s match in the last World Cup. After the match had finished, Virat Kohli approached her and thanked her for attending the game. Moreover, he even arranged tickets for her.

Virat Kohli with an old lady.

Kohli failed to pay attention to a girl approaching him for a selfie.

Very often, we come across videos showing fans approaching cricketers for autographs and selfies. Now a girl approached Virat Kohli for a photograph with him. However, Kohli did not pay any heed to his proposal. The Indian captain did not even look towards him while she requested a selfie with him at the airport.

The probable reason behind this behavior from Virat Kohli can be that he is taking the necessary precautions against the Coronavirus outbreak. Then, he was wearing a mask as he failed to notice the girl approaching him for a selfie.

Virat Kohli might have been traveling to Lucknow for the second ODI against South Africa or back to his home. The match officials abandoned the first match in Dharmasala without a ball being bowled due to rain. The Indian team was then heading to Lucknow. But soon after BCCI called off the series as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The BCCI, for now, has also postponed the IPL until April 15.


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