Monday, April 12, 2021

Virat Kohli gets involved in a heated argument with Stokes

The final test match is currently underway to decide the finalists for World Test championship. Virat and co. are looking forward to seal the spot with either a win or a draw. On the other hand, England is also trying every possible ways to prevent it from happening.

This epic encounter is taking place in the world’s largest Stadium in Ahmedabad. Amidst all proceedings, we have witnessed another eye-catching incident between Virat and Stokes. This is not the first time it has happened in this series. We recently saw the duo involved in a banter in the last test as well.

In the third test, Virat and Stokes were seen involved in a hilarious banter. Stokes complained about the game’s interruption due to a drone flying over the ground. Virat cheekily replied to him that it was not that low by saying “Come on yaar Ben”. This had hit headlines already during that time.

We have seen the repetition of Virat-Stokes yet again in this test match. But this time, it has a blend of aggression and temper as well. It seemed one of Virat’s antiques at first but the misconception was cleared shortly.

Virat and Stokes get involved in a heated argument after the final ball of Siraj's over.

Virat giving back to Stokes after exchange of words between Stokes and Siraj

The incident happened when Mohammad Siraj was bowling the 13th over of the innings. England cricket team’s Stokes and Bairstow were on the crease. In his final delivery, Siraj launched a very well directed bouncer to Stokes. Stokes decided to sway out and let the ball fly to the keeper.

However, this did not go down well with Stokes as he was seen blurting something to the bowler. Siraj also said something back in response that heated things up a little. Virat also promptly stepped in to back Siraj as he went straight to Stokes.

The exchange of words seemed okay at first but took a turn as the discussion elongated. On field umpires had to intervene to calm down both parties.

Watch the video of the rift here :

Virat is always known to back his players on field irrespective of the opposition. This has led to the opposition teams fearing to mess with his team. However, this incident has now created possibilities of his suspension from several matches as well.

In the last test as well, he barely escaped punishment in the form of fine and banishment from a match or two. But with this incident refreshing the memory, it would be interesting to watch if he escapes this time as well or falls prey.

With the World Test championship and other crucial matches on the way, it could be a big blow to India if Virat is suspended for his action. Virat is always the topic of discussion when it comes to aggression and temper. There have been several warnings issued to keep his behaviour in check in the past as well.

Virat and men in blue on top on the first day

England cricket team won the toss and elected to bat first. This decision proved fatal as both Indian seamers and spinners bagged quick wickets to push them onto the back foot. Stokes seemed to be a lone warrior as he went on to hit a magnificent 55 off 121 deliveries before he was dismissed by Sundar.

The score for the England team currently stands at 164 for the loss of 5 wickets at the end of 60 overs. Siraj and Axar patel have 2 wickets each to their credit while Sundar has his large share of Stokes. Ollie Pope and Lawrence were seen to carry forward the England innings steadily. This test match is of massive importance in WTC context and the result will clear out all speculations regarding the mega event.


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