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Video: Pollard gives ‘Mankad’ warning to Dhawan during DC vs MI but steals a run against PBKS


Be it batting or bowling, cricket should be played in the right spirit. Earlier and even today, the cricket fraternity complains when a bowler Mankads a batsman even though it is within the rules of the game.

But when a batsman tries to steal a few yards, he is spared. But when a bowler oversteps the crease, he is penalized immediately. How come is this even allowed in the game?

Batsmen shouldn’t have an unfair advantage over the bowlers. Meanwhile, ‘Mankading’ became a talking point once again this season after Dwayne Bravo was allowed to steal a few yards.

The Caribbean all-rounder was backing up too far against Rajasthan Royals at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. On the other hand, left-arm seamer Mustafizur Rahman was penalized for bowling a no-ball.

Video: Pollard gives 'Mankad' warning to Dhawan during DC vs MI but steals a run against PBKS

During the recently-concluded match between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians another drama happened. West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard warned Shikhar Dhawan for backing up early before releasing the ball.

The incident took place during the 10th over of DC innings when Pollard sprung into action to bowl the second ball. Before delivering the ball, he halted in his run-up without releasing the ball and then warned Dhawan to stay in the crease.

Kieron Pollard steals a single during the game against PBKS

Kieron Pollard who became the talk of the town for warning Dhawan in the last game was in the headlines once again for a bizarre reason. The all-rounder tried to steal a single during the game against Punjab Kings. Nobody really saw this coming. The incident happened during the second ball of the 20th over of MI’s innings.

When Mumbai Indians scored 126/5, they were rushing to score quick runs in the death. Shami delivered a brilliant ball to Krunal Pandya. The left-handed batsman couldn’t strike it well and decided to take a single. Meanwhile, Pollard already backed up too far and managed to take a single easily.

Watch the video below:

When Pollard warned Dhawan in DC vs MI match

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