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Video: Dad bowls his son out and pulls off best celebration ever in UK charity match

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Cricket is not just a game but it’s an emotion. Each and every player has a role to play in the game to help the team achieve the goal. For example, batsmen aim to score runs, bowlers will try to take wickets.

On the other hand, fielders aim to give everything on the field in order to save runs for the side. The game has witnessed fielders taking some mind-blowing catches on the field.

Batsmen, in particular, have always entertained the fans by playing a fearless brand of cricket. From playing exquisite drives for a boundary to hitting the balls over the fence, batsmen nailed it in the best possible way.

However, their biggest rivals are the bowlers. The ultimate aim of the bowler is to mount pressure on the batsman from the word go. With subtle bowling variations of good line and length, a bowler can accomplish the task by taking wickets.

Video: Dad bowls his son out and pulls off best celebration ever in UK charity match

That’s how the game has been played since its inception. Today, it is the most-watched sport in India and the second-most-watched sport in the world. Fans across the world enjoy the sport that comes in different formats.

Be it Test cricket, ODI cricket and T20 cricket, it has been nothing short of entertainment. Fans are curiously waiting to watch the upcoming edition of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 in the United Arab Emirates.

Dad bowls his son out and pulls off best celebration ever

Charity matches have always been entertaining without the shadow of any doubt. The sport has witnessed many memorable moments over the years. Recently, a video clip of a dad stunning his son with a gem of delivery has gone viral.

The video got more than 3.5 lakh views with over 3.6k likes. During a local UK charity match, dad locked horns with his son. Usually, when a dad and son play against each other, entertainment is guaranteed.

Watch the video below:

During the game, dad outsmarted his son by making a mess of his stumps. Soon after taking a wicket, dad couldn’t control his emotions as he pulled off his best celebration ever.

However, no love is lost as an elated dad celebrated clean bowling his son in a charity game. The video spread like wildfire on social media and it is still being talked about today.

The incident took place in the Spenser Wilson Sixes Tournament when Jake Fellows was completely taken aback by his dad Craig’s delivery. Meanwhile, Jake couldn’t believe what he had witnessed.

The son was also not keen to hang around and watch dad Craig celebrate his wicket. Initially, Craig celebrated by lifting his both hands high up in the air. After that, he turned towards the on-field umpire and pulled off a similar celebration.


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