Friday, July 30, 2021

Vaughan trolls Team India on Twitter; Jaffer strikes back with an epic reply

Former Indian player Wasim Jaffer is widely recognized as the meme king of social media. The meme king never disappoints his fans with his rib-tickling memes. Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag is also entertaining the fans with his typical tweets.

Meanwhile, Wasim Jaffer brings the best out of himself in terms of memes. Fans lauded his creativity for the way he has been coming up with hilarious activities on Twitter. Besides his hilarious tweets, he also posts hilarious memes as well.

There is absolutely no doubt that Jaffer keeps himself busy on Twitter. When someone tries to troll Team India and its players, Jaffer would spring into action to give the haters an epic and savage reply.

In no time, his tweets would spread like wildfire on the internet. There have been several occasions when Michael Vaughan and Wasim Jaffer went toe-to-toe with each other on social media platforms.

Vaughan trolls Team India on Twitter; Jaffer strikes back with an epic reply

More often than not, it is Jaffer who has the last laugh. Time and time again, the former England captain has been on the receiving end of trolls after he was brutally trolled by the meme king.

Perhaps Vaughan hasn’t learnt a lesson yet. When he trolls Team India, it is certain that Jaffer would poke him with a reply. It is good to see Jaffer making a habit of giving it back to the haters with his replies.

Michael Vaughan trolls Team India on Twitter

Meanwhile, the inaugural edition of the ICC World Test Championship didn’t kick off at The Rose Bowl in Southampton. Dark clouds loomed large on the match day and it was raining heavily for a long time.

The toss was also delayed due to heavy showers. After some hours, the officials learnt that the match cannot be played. So, the match was suspended on an opening day and that’s the end of the first day.

Meanwhile, Michael Vaughan took to Twitter to troll Team India that weather saved Virat Kohli & Co. “I see India have been saved by the weather …. Winking face with tongue #WorldTestChampionship,” Vaughan tweeted.

Kiwis are in top-notch form in Test cricket after defeating England in the Test series. The Black Caps won the Test series by 1-0. The first Test match at The Lord’s ended in a draw. However, Kiwis won the subsequent match by 8 wickets.

Wasim Jaffer comes up with an epic reply

Team India’s journey to the ICC WTC final was not that easy. They defeated Australia and England to book their berth in the final. When Vaughan trolled Team India, fans roasted the former England captain on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Wasim Jaffer once again came to India’s defence and posted an epic meme. Jaffer uploaded the picture along with the caption that reads: “Meanwhile rest of the teams watching the #WTCFinals #ifyouknowyouknow (Winking face with tongue emoji).”


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