Vanuatu T10 league 2020: Schedule, Teams and Players

Vanuatu T10 league

T10 gush for cricket fans at Vanuatu, Full Schedule, Names of teams and players

Widespread Coronavirus throughout the globe led to the lockdown of all the activities. Which moreover restricts to sports events as well. In this breakneck situation, Republic of  Vanuatu is arranging a T10 league which will give a boost to the cricketers as well as cricket fans.

Moreover, Vanuatu is located in the Pacific Ocean which is formed by 82 small islands with volcano origins. Port-Villa is the capital of Vanuatu and all the matches will be held at Vanuatu Cricket Stadium located in Efate.

Vanuatu T10 league


Vanuatu T10 league is played between three teams(Ifira Sharks, M T Bulls, Mighty Efate Panthers)and each team will play thrice with each other. T10 league matches are of 10 overs but the powerplay is set to hold up to 1-6 overs that is only 2 players are allowed outside of 30 yards circle for first 6 overs.

Time, date and venue

Vanuatu T10 league is scheduled to be onsets 21st May 2020 from 7.30 Am IST. In this Vanuatu T10 league, all the matches will occur at Vanuatu cricket stadium, Efate.

Vanuatu T10 League Calendar

21/05/2020MT bulls Vs Mighty Efate Panthers7.30 Am ( IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium
21/05/2020Ifira Sharks Vs Mighty Efate Panthers9.30 Am (IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium
23/05/2020Ifira Sharks Vs MT Bulls7.30 Am ( IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium
23/05/2020Mighty Efate Panthers Vs MT bulls9.30 Am (IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium
30/05/2020Mighty Efate Panthers Vs Ifira Sharks7.30 Am ( ISTVanuatu Cricket stadium
30/05/2020MT Bulls Vs Ifira Sharks9.30 Am (IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium
06/06/2020MT Bulls Vs Mighty Efate Panthers7.30 Am ( ISTVanuatu Cricket stadium
06/06/2020Mighty Efate Panthers Vs Ifira Sharks9.30 Am (IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium
13/06/2020MT Bulls Vs Ifira Sharks7.30 Am ( ISTVanuatu Cricket stadium
13/06/2020FINAL9.30 Am (IST)Vanuatu Cricket stadium

Vanuatu T10 League Teams and Squads

MT Bulls: Andrew Mansale, Clement Tommy, Julian Tommy, Shay Narali, Godfrey Mangau, Damien Chilia, Nono Chilia, Vincent Matautaava, Wamejo Wotu, Williamsing Nalisa, Darren Wotu, Eddie Mansale, Malon Tastuki, Marcel Taea, Patrick Matautaava, Philip Tsione, Rival Samson.

Ifira Sharks: Alex Stephen, Fernando Laumae, Nalin Nipiko, Wolford Kalworai, Bethan Moli, Niko Unavalu, Obed Yoseph, Stephane Sandy, Vince Vira, William Yamak, Gilmour Kaltongga, Harry Pakoa, Jamal Vira, Michael Avock, Ambong Rakau, Apolinaire Stephen, Brenan Meyer.

Mighty Efate Panthers: Brian Tari, Edwell Kalfau, Jarryd Allan, Richard Barnes, Selwyn Garae, Shem Sala, Simpson Obed, Tony Tamata, Lazaro Carlot, Lency Shem, Wesley Vira, Joshua Rasu, Junior Alfred Carlot, Kendy Kenneth, Kenny Tari, Manu Kenni, McMillan Markia, William Laumae, Lenika Natapei.

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