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Vanuatu Blast: Mighty Efate Panthers vs Ifira Sharks & MT Bulls vs Ifira Sharks.

MFE vs IS & MTB vs IS Fantasy prediction, TMT’s My team 11, Key Players

Vanuatu Blast inaugurated on 21st May. Whereas, on 30th May 3rd Matchday is scheduled. The first match will take place between MFE vs IS. The second match is between MTB vs IS. However, the schedule featured of 2 matches per matchday.

MFE vs IS & MTB vs IS Fantasy prediction, TMT's  My team 11, Key Players
Vanuatu Blast

Vanuatu Blast T10 league, hosted at one of the islands at Vanuatu. Whereas, MTB & MFE had played three matches. Consequently, Ifira Sharks had played 2 matches. Firstly, MFE stands top at the table. secondly, Ifira Sharks is in the middle position. Finally, MT Bulls at the bottom position.

Match Detials:


  1. Mighty Efate Panthers vs Ifira Sharks at 7.30 am IST on 30th May 2020.
  2. MT Bulls vs Ifira Sharks at 9.30 am IST on 30th May 2020.

Venue: Vanuatu Cricket Stadium, Vanuatu.

Pitch Report:

As per the previous data pitch at Vanuatu cricket stadium had remained balanced. That is in some matches we saw the run shower. On the other hand, we had seen the support to the bowlers. Finally it tells that pitch is neutral. All will depend on weather conditions.

Match 1: Mighty Efate Panthers vs Ifira Sharks

Probable XI:

Mighty Efate Panthers: Joshua Rasu©, Jarryd Allan (wk), Wesley Vira, Simpson Obed, McMillan Markia, Kenny Tari, Tony Tamata, Selwyn Garae, Lazaro Carlot, Shem Sala, Kendy Kenneth.

Ifira Sharks: Nalin Nipiko ©, Bethan Moli (WK), Obed Yoseph, M Avock, F Laumae, Stephen Sandy, William Yamak, A Stephen, J Vira, Alex Stephen.

Key Players:

Joshua Rasu: He is the best pick for the fixture as he had played an important role in Panther’s victory. However, he had brilliantly kept his consistency. Henceforth, he is a trusted player for Fantasy managers.

Sobed & W Vira: He is the other best and trusted pick from Panthers. As an all-rounder, he should be the first choice in this fixture. However, he is quite costly but he must be there in the dream team. Whereas, Vira is another decent pick from panthers.

N Nipiko: The Marquee player of Sharks had not got well season till now. But he is the player to choose from Sharks. As he had performed better than other Sharks players.

A Stephen & O Yoseph: These two bowlers are the lead bowlers from Sharks. Also had good fantasy points with them. Whereas, Predicted to snatch more wickets in this matchday 3 fixtures. As a result, they should be there in our team from the Sharks side.

Vanuatu Blast: TMT’s Playing XI:

Mighty Efate Panthers vs Ifira Sharks

Wicketkeeper: J Allan

Batsmen: Yamak, Rasu ©, L Carlot

All-rounders: Sandy, Nipiko, Obed (VC)

Bowlers: Yoseph, A Stephen, W Vira, T Tamata

Match 2: MT Bulls vs Ifira Sharks

Probable XI:

MT Bulls: Andrew Mansale ©, C Tommy (Wk), W Wotu, G Mangua, P Tsione, M Taea, P Matautaava, Nano Chila, D Wotu, E Mansale, R Samson.

Ifira sharks: Nalin Nipiko ©, Bethan Moli (WK), William Yamak, A Stephen, J Vira, Alex Stephen, Laumae, Stephen Sandy, Obed Yoseph, M Avock.

Key Players:

C Tommy: He is a decent wicketkeeper-batsman. However, till now Clement didn’t get the well season but he is better to pick then opponent.

Andrew Mansale & E Mansale: These two Mansale’s are the key players from Bull’s side. A Mansale is a top all-rounder. whereas, E Mansale is good with bowling hands. As a result, both should be there in the fantasy line ups.

From Ifira Sharks: N Nipiko, Yamak, Stephen & Yoseph.

Vanuatu Blast: TMT’s playing XI:

MT Bulls vs Ifira Sharks

Wicketkeeper: C Tommy

Batsmen: Tsione, Wotu, Yamak

All-rounders: A Mansale ©, Matautaava, Nipiko, S Sandy.

Bowlers: E Mansale (VC), A Stephen, Yoseph.

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