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United may sign a former winger from Crystal Palace with a sell-on clause

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Manchester United may sign Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace in order to increase options on the right-hand side.

Wilfried Zaha is seemingly attracting interest from his former club Manchester United due to many reasons. United on the other hand has enjoyed the full season on the roller coaster but thankfully they could make it to Champions League qualification. After all, it’s not always the performance but the results that matter the most.

The squad at Old Trafford has fairly enjoyed this season. So far, the Red Devils have accepted the defeats and embraced the victories and along with that managed to bring back the good days. The steep rise and steep fall in the results showed how deadly the combination of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, and Mason greenwood is on the field. But other them, United needs an option in hand.

United has some real attackers but there is a much-needed backup option that could be substituted when the three went exhausted. United boss Ole Gunner Solskjaer had nowhere to turn his attention to but to keep himself rely on the front three. As a result, the players being a week on their feet gave some dreadful performances.

Solskjaer is in need of some summer addition and the reason why an attacker is needed is quite clear now. It would be ideal if United sign a right-footed winger. It will give the United balance on the right-hand side.

The void can be filled by someone like United former winger Wilfried Zaha. He can perfectly fit on the right-hand side. One of the reasons to sign him in the summer.

Zaha is ideal for becoming United winger

 Zaha is ideal for becoming United winger.

The attacking field is something like this. Mason Greenwood wants to play and cut inside. Marcus Rashford has to double up and occupy the center of the pitch as Aaron Wan-Bissaka strong attacker. Space away from Rashford is left for Mason Greenwood.

United signed Zaha in 2013, from Crystal Palace he was Sir Ferguson”s last transfer before taking the retirement. He remained on loan at Crystal Palace till the end of the season. After spending an unsuccessful season partly in United in 2014 he was sent on a season-long loan in 2014. Zaha joined Crystal Palace permanently in 2015.

Zaha has an experience of life at Old Trafford however he couldn’t strive well in the team. He was not given enough chances to play for the club and this could be the sole reason he might turn down the offer. Nevertheless, The Ivory Coast international can also accept the offer as a challenge proving himself as worthy enough to become a key player for the team.

If Manchester United signs the 27-year old they may have a sell-on clause. The Evening Standard reported that United would be entitled to 20% of his next fee. This means during restrictions on transfer fees and massive signings. Zaha comes with a big discount.

Zaha is currently in the stage of his career where he’s expressed his interest in moving out of his comfort zone and okay for bigger clubs. The 27-year-old must leave his boyhood club should want to take a bigger step in his career. Bigger clubs brings bigger challenges and also demand high development.

Its high time for Zaha to take his career to another level and sign for a club that brings more challenges.


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