Sunday, May 9, 2021

UEFA issues warning, clubs might be thrown out of ongoing competitions


There are being advances made on multiple fronts now as all sorts of news is pouring in. The players and clubs involved in this scenario are under immense pressure and the glorious federations like UEFA are trying their best to scare them off.

The clubs are caught in the middle of a crossfire between the two parties. Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola have spoken against the issue. Pep even went on to highlight that this is something out of their hands.

Apparently, all clubs have an official binding contract with the European Super League. That piece of information is very concerning because now there are legal consequences of backing out. There has been news of some clubs thinking to back out.

This is because of the number of threats the governing bodies have given. Firstly all the domestic leagues have said that they will not allow participating teams and players to take part in any of the domestic competitions.

UEFA issues warning to ESL clubs

The scenario is the same on a national front. The players will not be participating in any of the Euros and the World Cup. Although Perez has claimed they cannot do that, doubt still creeps into the minds of people.

According to the reports from football london there is a new dagger for all the clubs involved. UEFA in a shocking turn of events are now threatening to remove all the teams involved from this year’s competition too. Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Manchester City have been warned.

UEFA to substantiate this threat?

It seems as if clubs are caught in a crossfire between UEFA and the European Super League

Florentino Perez would surely have known how messy things were going to get. This is not something that just came out of thin air. One of the world’s biggest Investment Bank JP Morgan is the facilitator for loan sanctions. Their presence itself hints that Perez might have the legal battle figured out.

Right now it is important for UEFA to maintain their authority because that is the very thing under duress. The Champions League was essentially a tournament where the best clubs in the land go head to head. The revenue which comes is also a factor of the clubs playing.

What people fail to realize is without the top clubs in the land this model will fail to work. Proceeds from jerseys, tickets even collaborations through advertisements would take a hit. In simple words, people will simply pay more to watch the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The same thing applies to the Domestic leagues too. However, the impact will be the same for the “Elite clubs” in the Super League. Yes, they will have more funds on hand because of the loans that are being given, but their revenue stream will take a hit.

The one upside is that they will receive more money per game which could have been an influential factor. But UEFA’s threats of removing teams from this season’s competition are a little absurd. They would have two remove 3 semi-finalists from the Champions League and 2 from the Europa League.

Basically, you’re just putting the remaining teams in the final. Champions League finalists are always the most deserving teams in the competition. They need to ask themselves are their finalists deserving enough?


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