Turkish court sentences Barcelona’s loanee to prison after the nightclub incident.

The Turkish ace hit with prison sentence along with the fine of £350m for the incident.

Arda Turan, the Turkish midfielder currently on loan at Super Lig club Istanbul Basaksehir has been handed a suspension for two years and eight months prison sentence. Having charged for multiple crimes including firing a gun to ignite fear and panic, illegal possession of weapons and causing intentional injury.

The 32-year-old Turkish professional was involved in an incident last year which led to him being charged with three offenses but is likely to avoid any actual jail time after the court delayed the verdict.

Initially, as per the verdict, he was sentenced by the court to spend time in jail but the 32-year-old will now avoid such a ruling after the verdict was  deferred. This means that he will be spared from prison time as long as he avoids getting involved in any further Illegal issues for a period of next five years.

The incident that triggered the trial happened at an Istanbul nightclub late last years, in which Turan was an involved in a fight with Turkish singer Berkay Sahin an altercation centered around Sahin’s wife leaving the artist with a broken nose.

Following the quarrel, Turan then followed the musician to the hospital he was being treated at. He then fired a gun facing at the ground, causing panic. Footage from CCTV cameras clearly showed the former ​La Liga player leaving the hospital, which progressed the case against the Turk, resulting in his eventual charge.

The Super Lig club has since confirmed that they have fined the 32-year-old 2.5 million Turkish lire (£350,648) for the incident, with the final hearing of the case heard in court on Wednesday.

After appearing in court on Wednesday, Arda released a statement via his official Instagram account, which states:

“I did not commit this ‘verbal harassment’ crime which even bothers me to speak of it.”

Nor is it possible. The headline of this event is that I’m acquitted of the charges of harassment; not the penalties I received for errors I made due to these slanders thrown at me.”

The skillful Turkish international has been in a good list of players when he joined Barcelona from Atletico Madrid for an amount of £30m in 2015. He has won four trophies while making 55 appearances and scoring 15 goals for the Spanish giants after which he was sent to Basaksehir on a two-year loan deal.

Author’s Take:

Turan has been fined by his current club for about 370000 euros as his attitude couldn’t match the club’s ethics and values.

Turan has been a cause on the pitch too in 2018 while picking up a fight with a referee. Loose temper and extra aggression is a root cause of it and it only is possible to bring back the good reputation, if he stops himself from getting involved in incidences that could cause harm to his name.

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