Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tuchel is targetting a defender from Serie A as his first transfer at Chelsea

According to recent rumours, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is interested in signing Inter Milan defender Milan Skrniar in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Thomas Tuchel has started extremely impressively at his new club and will now look to make some valuable additions to his squad in order to make them for title contention.

FC Inter News have written that Chelsea are one of the club’s who are interested in the Slovenian international. Tuchel might just be able to lay his hands on an old transfer target.

Milan Skrniar is a good option for Chelsea if they want to replace defender Thiago Silva who will be turning 37. This hunt for Skrniar has a lot to do with the fact that Thomas Tuchel has had his eyes on the defender for a long time.

Tuchel target Milan Skriniar

Now the fact of the matter is that neither the player nor the club are pushing for the move. But given that Tuchel is interested, Roman Abramovich will be ready to support it. Moreover, the financial situation of the Italian club isn’t in great shape.

Hence Chelsea could try their luck at getting Milan Skrniar. The net value for the defender is estimated to be around €50 million. This means any club who want to get Skrniar will have to pay this amount.

Tuchel to face competition from Manchester United:

Milan Skrniar is on the radar of Manchester United.

News has arised that Manchester United are demanding that Inter Milan pay up the remaining £43 million for striker Romelu Lukaku or give up Argentine international Lautaro Martinez or Milan Skrniar in return.

Romelu Lukaku arrived at Inter Milan in 2019 and since then has been terrific for Italians. United with Antonio Conte who wanted Lukaku since his Chelsea days; Lukaku has enjoyed his time at Inter Milan.

The Italian giants acquired Romelu Lukaku in the summer of 2019 for a huge fee of £75 million. Now they left to pay the rest of the amount. It also includes a bonus payment of £4.32 million as well for Lukaku.

Now the terms of the contract state that for any missed payment Inter Milan will have to pay the rest of the amount in a single full installment. Thereby this has increased pressure on the club’s finances.

Manchester United are looking at this opportunity to grab any one of the two important players. It’s Milan Skrniar or Lautaro Martinez in an exchange deal. Inter are currently on the top of Serie A and it’s majorly due to these players.

Milan Skrniar is a skillful defender who could be a valuable addition to United’s backline. Additionally, Lautaro Martinez will also be a great addition to their attacking department.


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