Analysis: Top Talents nearing contract end-Keep or Sell?

‘The only thing that is constant is change’, especially in this chaotic foot-balling climate where the biggest challenge is shuffling the resources with an eye on restraining or releasing them to provide the refresh quotient essential to gather momentum. There is some quality talent approaching the end of their contracts in near future which was considered to be fatal for a Club, a few years ago, but with the age of the agent upon us which is manipulating the raw minds of the modern athletes, expect the unexpected to strike anytime.

Let us get into the mindset of the major sides as to whether they should invest in the top talent that they have currently or take the ruthless approach to cut them off.


Player approaching Contract Expiry: Lionel Messi (2018)


Keep/ Sell:

This is a no-brainer, Messi is the Messiah of this Football Mecca and his departure can create mutiny which will derail the machine into madness. He has always been a Catalan first and even though he hasn’t really spoken much regarding this matter, his actions display the desire to remain a distinguished figure for Barcelona.


He is the only player who doesn’t require Stats to solidify his siege. Still, I’ll give you some, 361 goals and 140 assists in 393 appearances in La Liga and 97 goals accompanied by 26 assists in 119 appearances in Europe. Enough said.

Bayern Munich

Players approaching Contract Expiry: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery (2018)




Both wingers are approaching the twilight of their respective careers and they have always been the colossal figures for the Bavarians, Robbery is both boisterous and bona fide, Bayern still need their experience to nurture and enhance the talent around them.


Arjen Robben has scored 120 goals and assisted 65 times in 244 appearances for Bayern which includes the Bundesliga and all club competitions, Ribery, on the other hand, has scored 96 goals and assisted 101 times in 319 appearances which is a staggering record and he should have won the Ballon d’Or in 2013 but once again marketability overpowered manufacture in management.


Players approaching Contract Expiry: Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil (2018)

ozil sanchez


Once again it is the curious case of the gullible Gooners where the gas is running out on and off the pitch. Wenger is an ongoing worry and his man managing, in particular, has been mediocre for quite a while now. It is a situation where the club is a loser come what may. Ideally they would want to save Sanchez and let go of objectionable Ozil but to be honest top talent is getting frustrated in enduring the economics of the Emirates.


Ozil has scored 24 goals and assisted 44 times in 125 appearances for Arsenal in the Premiere league, an extreme personality who is either excellence personified or ineffectively poor on the field, nothing to work with in between. Sanchez, on the other hand, has scored 54 goals and assisted 24 times in his 111 appearances, he is always willing to put in the hard yards on and off the ball but his head is in a hesitant mode which is restricting his high.

Manchester City

Player approaching Contract Expiry: Fernandinho (2018)


Fernandinho is in his early 30’s but he is a pivotal persona for Pep as he sits in the midfield to allow the creative force the freedom to breed fire. City should give him a one-year extension for sure.


Fernandinho has played 959 minutes in this season so far in which he has won 15 tackles, made 19 interceptions and has 53.85 total duels %, all the more reason to cling on to him for now.


Player approaching Contract Expiry: Giorgio Chiellini (2018)


it is very hard to find old school defenders in today’s footballing culture and even though Chiellini has run his course but still the old veteran remains an ominous figure for the Old Lady of Turin. Juventus still require his judgment.


He has made 447 appearances for Juventus so far which is an affirmative achievement in itself.

Honorable Mentions with Author’s Take:

Players like Herrera and Mata have become very much out of favour after they redeemed themselves last season, change in environment is very much on the cards. Barkley, on the other hand, is instigating indictment to illuminate which is idiotic and time is ticking rather timidly for Yaya Toure.

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