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Top Sports Events in Summer 2021

Many tournaments were postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, so while last year might have left us with some disillusion, this summer events are longingly awaited by a lot of sports fans. At the same time, wherever there is sports, there is a bet somewhere, the stakes are going very high this year.

26 Jun-18 July: Cycling – Tour de France

After last year got postponed, this year the Tour de France route will begin from Brittany  and will have four stages for sprinters and punchers. Make sure you get some advantage for a free no deposit bonus, now that you know how loved this race is.  They will have to climb mountains, go through slopes in Mont Ventoux and face several challenges. This year’s route will surely get your adrenaline pretty high.

29 June, 1 & 4 July: Cricket – England v Sri Lanka ODIs

Top Sports Events in Summer 2021: Cricket - England v Sri Lanka ODIs

Did you know that cricket players love gambling? If you are a fan of cricket and you are good at predicting you should try the free no deposit bonus in sports and double your winnings by betting on your favourite team. One of the most awaited events are the cricket games, being also one of the most loved sports games in the world. England has included matches with India and Pakistan as well and also, announced to be a host for New Zealand and South Africa. There is a tight match upcoming this summer, make sure you see it.

23 July-8 Aug: Olympic Games in Tokyo

This year will be huge for all the Indians athletes that compete at the Tokyo Olympics. Already 70 people signed in for the event, and there are still more to come that have the qualifications. This Olympic was also postponed due to the pandemic events, so this year they will have 33 games competitions and 339 events. So you have plenty to choose from, and, don’t forget the free no deposit bonus on the sports games.

Some of the major competitions are:

Thailand- Badminton

Even though it won’t go further than qualifiers, the opening will be granted to Thailand on Badminton.

Australian – Tennis

Another great opening from Australia, the first one from the 4 Grand Slams in Tennis.

ISSF -Shooting

A great opportunity for New Delhi to step up and increase their popularity on the Indian marksmen.

India Open Super 500- Badminton

This year India Open Super 500 is held between 11 to 16 May. This will be their last shot to qualifications.

15-18 July: Golf – The Open at Royal St George’s

The gold tournament was scheduled for 15-18 July. It is held in Sandwich, England, at the Royal St George’s club. Last year was the second time since the Second World War that the tournament was not held. So this year comes with hope,adrenaline and excitement. Especially if you’d wanna try your luck with the free no deposit bonuses on the sports bets.  The championship is considered from a major category alongside European Tour, PGA and Japan Golf.  The tournament consists of 4 rounds, 72 holes per total and 18 holes they play everyday. In the last 2 days, once you complete 36 holes, there is a tie, then you have to make top 70 to complete the last 2 rounds.

17 July: Rugby League – Challenge Cup final at Wembley

Unfortunately, because of the restrictions due to Covid another great cup suffered. The games were still held, but under the socially distancing rules. However, this year’s Cup is heavily expected, tickets are already on sale and the schedule was decided last year.  I guess everyone wants 2020 to pass as soon as possible so we get back to our normal lives.

The Cup this year will be given to the best: Super League, RFL Championship and League. The real battle will take place between the three. The firsts rounds start by 20 March:

  • 1st Round: it takes place between 20-21 March, there are 16 clubs enrolled so far
  • 2nd Round: between 27-28 March, 8 clubs playing
  • 3rd Round: 10-11 April, 16 clubs
  • Quarter-finals: is not scheduled yet.
  • Semi-finals: not settled yet
  • Final: the one everyone is waiting for, takes place on 17 july.

You gotta make sure you don’t miss a single game and take advantage of that free no deposit bonus, so you both have fun and get some prizes out of it.


Even though last year may have challenged our beliefs, 2021 sports events are returning forcefully, so keep yourself updated on your favourite competitions and make sure you won’t lose any. I get the feeling this year is going to exceed everyone’s expectations and past performances as well.


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