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Top 5 popular banter between cricketers on social media

Banter, sledging, taunts are now a common occurrence amongst cricketers on the field. The ever-growing competitive mindset, urge to supersede the fellow counterparts contribute to the above. But did you ever know there were some very weird banters that took social media by storm?

Here in this article, we would be giving an insight into the five most popular tweets between famous cricketers of the world.

Popular banters between cricketers in social media.

Banter 1: Nasser Hussain and Sourav Ganguly involve in a tease game

We all remember the historic Natwest Trophy 2002 at the Lords. Team India captained by Sourav Ganguly emerged victorious against the hosts. To celebrate this, he had removed his shirt and waved ecstatically on the balcony. This was one major incident during its time.

In 2018, Sourav paid a visit again to the stadium where he posted a selfie at the same balcony on Twitter. He also captioned it as “Back at lords ..this is where career started ..”. England’s former skipper did not miss a chance to react to this post as You’re on that balcony again … nice to see you with your shirt on !!”.

Banter 2: Jimmy Neesham and Sehar Shinwari indulge in an awkward interaction

Pakistani actress, Sehar Shinwari made a bold move when she flirted with the New Zealand all-rounder, Jimmy Neesham on Twitter. Jimmy took a dig back at her later in an appropriate style.

Initially, Jimmy had posted on his official handle that: “I feel like I have a much-lessened fear of eternal damnation in hell thanks to traveling through LA Airport a few times”. To this, the Pakistani actress started flirting and even asked her if he would like to be the father of her kids. In response, Jimmy mentioned that the emojis in the statements were absolutely unnecessary.

Banter 3: Ross Taylor and Virender Sehwag exchange hilarious comments

Virender Sehwag is well known for his entertaining remarks on cricketers. Fans love him for being both bold and humorous at the same time. An incident between him and Ross Taylor became the talk of the town. Even fans indulged in the act of entertainment.

In October 2017, New Zealand won the first ODI in Mumbai by defeating the hosts. Ross Taylor led the team over the line with a brilliant knock. Virender Sehwag brought out the Hindi meaning of his surname i.e Darji (Tailor) and tweeted: Well played @RossLTaylor Darji Ji. Great effort after handling the pressure of Diwali orders.” Ross astonished everyone with his Hindi skills by reporting back: “Thanks @virendersehwag bhai agli Baar Apna order time pe Bhej dena so Mai Apko agli Diwali ke pehle deliver kardunga ….happy Diwali.”

Banter 4: Ravindra Jadeja and Sarah Taylor exchange weird conversation

In the T20 world cup held in 2014, both Indian men and New Zealand women Teams suffered defeats in the Finals. Ravindra Jadeja initiated a personal conversation with Sarah Taylor without following her. Sarah also replied back by publicly tagging him since there was no other way.

This brought all the conversation to the public eye. All became aware that the discussion was about the final T20 match for each side. The funniest part was towards the end when they settled to meet by poolside the next day at 10 am.

Banter 5: Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali take on each other hilariously over twitter

The two good friends as we know, Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali pulled each other’s leg on Twitter that resulted in a fun show. It all happened because both of them represented different teams in PSL.

Hasan Ali mentioned in his tweet that his team, Peshawar Zalmi is better than Shadab Khan’s Islamabad united. Shadab was quick to react to this as he pointed out the number of PSL trophies won by his side. Hasan in turn replied that they would make it 2>2 instead of 2=2. This misuse of punctuation was used by Shadab to reply to him that first of all 2 is never greater than 2 and that it would be 3-1 and not 2-2.


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