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Top 10 funniest football chants


When sometimes fans are not happy with the player’s transfer or the player says something tragic, fans always do come up with funny chats. These chants are sometimes disrespectful, but fans enjoy them.

Here are the top 10 funniest football chants.

10. Arsenal fans signing ‘She said no Robin’ for Van Persie:

When the Arsenal star Robin Van Persie moved to Manchester United, which is Arsenal’s rival club, fans came up with a chant to disrespect Van Persie. The lyrics of the chant were:

She said no, Robin, She said no,

She said no, Robin, She said no,

She said no, Robin, She said no,

Oh, Robin, she said no. You’re a C**t Robin,

You’re a C**t, You’re a C**t Robin,

You’re a C**t, You’re a C**t Robin,

You’re a C**t, Oh Robin, you’re a C**t…

9. Spurs fans singing – ‘Let’s pretend we scored a goal’

Tottenham Spurs’ fans sang this chant when they were 4-0 won against Liverpool, at the Anfield. They did this to cheer themselves up and the whole crowd present there seems to enjoy it. The lyrics were:

Let’s pretend that,

Let’s pretend that,

Let’s pretend we scored a goal,



8. Diego Costa- The Elephant Man!

Liverpool fans sang ‘The Elephant Man‘ complimenting Diego Costa’s looks during the 1-1 draw against Chelsea. The Liverpool fans made fun of the Chelsea striker.

The Elephant Man,

The Elephant Man,

Diego Costa,

The elephant man…


7. West Ham Harry Potter chant at Anfield:

The West Ham United fans sang ‘ Harry Potter is coming for you’ at Anfield because they thought Jonjo Shelvey looked like Voldemort ( An evil character from the Harry Potter movies)

 “He’s coming for you!

He’s coming for you!

Harry Potter is coming for you!”

6. West Ham fans- Dimitri Payet chant:

West Ham fans told Dimitri Payet to F*ck off through their chant. The fans were singing in a bar. Due to the actions of Payet and his willingness to leave the club, fans were angry.

‘F*ck of Payet, 

Dimitri Payet we just

Don’t want you anymore,

You’ve got some F**king front,

You money grabbing C*nt,

F*ck off Dimitri Payet

5. Spurs fan sing for Arsene Wenger:

Spurs fan sang ‘ Two more years Arsene Wenger’ to tease the Arsenal fans who are their North London rivals when Arsene Wenger signed a new two year deal with the Gunners.

‘Two more years,

Two more years Arsene Wenger, 

Two more years, 

Two more years I say, 

Two more years,

Two more years playing football the Arsenal way’

4. Steven Gerrard chant:

A song about Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard’s epic error in the game against Chelsea, sung by fans of Premier League teams’ fans. Gerrard was criticized for his mistake.

‘Steve Gerrard Gerrard,

He slips on his f*cking arse,

He gave it to Demba Ba,

Steve Gerrard Gerrard…’

3. ‘We want our d*ck back’ :

Sunderland fans tossed around a giant inflatable penis at West Ham and they were throwing it all around the crowd. They sang this chant when it was taken away from them.

2. West ham chant against Man City:

West Ham lost 6-0 to Manchester City. Their fans chant that City were nothing special for winning against and they were used to losing every week of the season.

‘We lose every week,

We lose every week, 

You’re nothing special,

We lose every week ‘

1. Romelu Lukaku Chant:

Manchester United fans came up with a chant for their new signing this season-Romelu Lukaku. This chant was found offensive by the Anti-Racism organisation and was banned earlier this season.

‘Oh Romelu, Lukaku,

He’s our Belgian scoring genius,

With a 24 inch penis,

Scoring all the goals,

Bell-end by his toes…




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