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Top 10 CS: GO Players In India To Look Out For

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Valve, a name in the gaming world known for many amazing creations like Half-Life, DOTA, and more than anything CS GO. Here, we’ll be talking about the third one. CS: GO was initially released in 2012 after its predecessor games like Condition Zero and Counter-Strike 1.6. People played the game like crazy.

A mind-blowing first-person shooter with bomb defusal scenarios as well as hostage rescue missions. You could play with a whole squad of ten friends and if not, the game would just add bots to support your lack of allies in-game. It was perfect.

Many claims that the era of E-Sports really began with CS: GO, though many would still disagree, it is undeniable that the game has had a massive impact on the gaming community as a whole. Whether it be world-famous tournaments or huge online communities. Video montages, quick scoping tricks, even after 9 years of its launch, CS: GO continues to have a dominant presence in the world.

In India, many kids grew up playing the game with their friends. Some played CS: GO for fun but some had a whole different idea. Some wanted more than just a few hours of camaraderie. Some sought more than kicks.

These were the players that turned to professional CS: GO. Going competitive in a high-stakes match up against the best of the best. All for a name and a prize. They gave their all and worked on honing their skills for years and years to perfect their one taps and their sniping skills.

Here is a list of the ten best CS: GO players from India

10. Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth

CSGO Top Indian Players

Like many other professional players, Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth has also started streaming Riot’s new FPS game Valorant. But one must not forget the man’s mind-blowing work on CS: GO.

He is the founder of Team Brutality and just as the name suggests, is absolutely brutal when it comes to mowing down opponents. V3nom might’ve missed a shot or two at points but that doesn’t make him any less menacing a presence on the battlefield. Definitely a player worth the fame.

9. Kiran ‘Rossi’ R

BL4ZE E-Sports has always had a killer team. Quite literally a roster full of sharpshooting geniuses to frag out the opponent in no time. One of their best player being none other than Rossi. The player played for the team for a very long time before departing for venturing into other E-Sports territories.

But his time with BL4ZE E-Sports was more than enough to leave a mark in CS: GO India history.

8. Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma

CSGO India Top Players

The master of all, truly Amaterasu is a name known for his versatility. The IGL for Team Entity, Anuj Sharma brought home many prizes and trophies. He could manage everything, from positioning to making sure the whole team was playing to its strength. A greater leader was never around. Now, the legend has shifted to Valorant and hopes to use his talent to make a mark there.

7. Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar

Top CSGO India Players

‘SkRossi,’ another great name on the roster of team BL4ZE. CS: GO was like his very own battlefield. SkRossi was a big reason BL4ZE E-Sports got to the soaring heights it did. He could frag like a beast and his in-game awareness was always one of the best. He gave powerful performances in the years 2019 and 2020 before finally shifting focus to Valorant.


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