Monday, May 17, 2021

Three Arsenal legends team up with Spotify’s owner to evict Kroenke


The European Super League had had its effect on all the 12 founding members with Arsenal being the latest to face the fans fiery revolt. And according to reports, these 3 Arsenal legends also want the same, as they are ready to team up with Spotify owner to oust Stan Kroenke.

The League that had stirred up a lot of controversies lasted only 48 hours. If it wasn’t for the fight put up by the fans, we would have seen tough outcomes that would have hurt the world of football. After the Premier League clubs led the departing process, the remaining 6 clubs followed them.

However, it is said that Real Madrid and Barcelona are still in this. ESL chairman and Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez had stated that none of the clubs have left as they had signed a binding contract.

So as long as the fine is not paid, the project is still on. The clubs were warned by UEFA, respective leagues, and FA. If they had continued that path, they would have been kicked out from any competitions linked with them.

However, it can be confirmed that none will happen as they all pulled out after the criticisms they faced. But the fans are not satisfied. They were left shocked by the decisions made by the clubs, defying their trust and support. For which the fan armies had taken their fight to the streets demanding the owners to leave the club.

The top-6 Premier League clubs’ fans are still continuing the protest before every fixture outside the stadiums. Although the owners have issued apologies, it was of no good as the fans stuck to their demand of cleansing the current club from the business-minded representatives.

Arsenal legends offers support for Spotify owner Daniel Ek to take over the club

The famous digital music service provider, Spotify has shown interest in buying Arsenal from Stan Kroenke. However, it is the owner, Daniel Ek who has shown much interest in doing so. Ek who is an Arsenal fan has a net worth of £3.4billion according to Forbes.

If it is to succeed, we would be seeing the club legends, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp return back to the Emirates Stadium. As their expertise would help the new management in club development and connecting with the fans.

These three don’t need any introduction to be known. However, just in case you forgot, they were part of the ‘Invincible’ Arsenal team that won the Premier League title without losing a single match in the 2003-04 season.

“This club belongs to the fans. I love the club and I will support the club until I die. But I do not recognise my club and what happened just now, with them trying to join a league that would have been closed, makes no sense to me.

“They have been running the club like a company, not a football club, and they showed their hand. Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the core football values and maybe the money was too big of a temptation. But whatever it was, they got it wrong. Badly wrong.” – Thierry Henry(one of the first to be inducted into the newly introduced Premier League Hall of Fame) told the Telegraph.

It is unknown how much Daniel is planning to initially start with. As Josh Kroenke had stated earlier that they had no intention of selling the club. Moreover, a minimum bid of at least £2 billion must be made to make Kroenke even consider. It will be more than half of Daniel’s net worth.


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