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The final prediction Arsene Wenger made as Arsenal manager comes true


Arsene Wenger was famous for his predictions back when he was the Arsenal boss. Fans and football spectators also gave him a loving nickname, the ‘Mystic Weg’. And his foes fit well for Wenger as many of his predictions have come true over the years.

This shows the level of insight Wenger has in football. Yet another prediction of Arsene Wenger has come true now. The former Arsenal boss did predict the emergence of a European Super League that will usurp the weekend domestic football.

Arsene Wenger in a final post-match interview as Arsenal’s boss said that the current scenario will happen in the future. Wenger said that at some point the bigger clubs will want to exclude the smaller clubs from the revenue they generate. And the European Super League is all about the top European clubs. Playing together in a league to earn revenue among themselves.

It is a fact that games between big clubs attract more spectators than games between smaller clubs. This gives the former a feeling that they must be gaining more revenue in comparison to the latter. It is not just about the history of the clubs but also the quality of their games that attract the spectators. Hence, this new development to split football between big clubs and small clubs is causing a rift.

Wenger of New ISL

Arsene Wenger foresaw the scenario:

“In a few years, you will certainly have a European league over the weekends,”- Arsene Wenger via Daily Cannon.

The above are words of Arsene Wenger from back in 2018. And now in 2021, the top clubs from around Europe are trying to create a new league exclusively for the top clubs of Europe. The idea behind this is solely to increase the revenue for the top clubs. We already have the UEFA Champions League, where all the top clubs from each European league clash.

However, in the UCL the earnings are split among 36 teams that participate in the league. But in the European Super League, this will be split among the 20 teams that play the league. Also in addition to this, each of the teams will receive $425m just for accepting the invitation to the league.

However, this new development is not going down well in the football world. Football fans, legends, and pundits are all uneasy with this new concept in football. That solely focuses on making money for the rich clubs. Protests are going on around the world to try and stop this new money-making league. However, it seems like the campaign will happen despite the huge uproars.

What is the European Super League?

The European Super League will consist of 20 clubs from various leagues in Europe. Reports hint that 15 of them will be founding clubs with 12 clubs already confirmed. There are 6 Premier League clubs including Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, and Liverpool. In addition to the Spanish clubs FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid are also among the 12. Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Juventus are the 3 Italian clubs that make a total of 12 founding clubs.

The remaining five spots can be availed by clubs according to their achievements from the previous seasons. The Super League plans to start off annually in August with the clubs split into 2 groups of 10. They will play home and away games to decide the qualifiers for the quarterfinals. The top-three from each group will automatically qualify. The teams at fourth and fifth positions will then play again to secure the remaining spots.

This will then follow a two-leg knockout system till the final. However, fans around the globe feel that this will not feel like real football. As there won’t be competitiveness in the league anymore. This system will cost the small clubs a chance to rise, with only the top clubs from all of Europe clashing each other. Irrespective of their individual domestic league form.

The UEFA and FIFA have already spoken on the matter and they are not ready to back this new campaign. UEFA and FIFA are planning to ban the 12 founding clubs from all UEFA and FIFA competitions in the future. The clubs may also not be playing in their domestic leagues in the future. However, the Super League officials are not thinking of backing out so far. We might see some dramatic changes in the coming days.


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