Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Team Kohli-Rohit defeat Team Ashwin-Pujara in India’s practice session

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Team India suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of New Zealand in the ICC WTC final in Southampton. However, whatever has happened has happened now. Virat Kohli and his teammates will be looking forward to the upcoming challenges.

The Indian team will take on England in the five-match Test series. This significant assignment will be part of the second cycle of the ICC World Test Championship. Meanwhile, the Indian players have returned from the break to begin practice drills.

Team India assembled at Durham prior to the practice game against Select County XI. Coming to the point, the Indian team kick-started their training sessions wherein they are getting engaged in intense practice sessions.

Indian players were involved in a hilarious practice session on the field under R Sridhar’s guidance. The Board of Control for Cricket in India posted a video clip on Twitter where the players took part in the drill.

Team Kohli-Rohit defeat Team Ashwin-Pujara in India's practice session

According to Sridhar, these kinds of games help in building the players’ confidence. In addition, it also plays an important role in enhancing the players’ agility and fitness at the same time. The fun activity was split into teams wherein Virat and Rohit took the responsibility of one side and Pujara and Ashwin led the other.

Sridhar further added that it resulted in intense competition. “We had two teams, one was obviously Virat, Rohit and most of them in the one team and the other was completely taken over by Ashwin and Pujji so it was a tight competition,” he added.

Virat’s team won the competition

“After some rolling backs of the scoreboard and some debates… eventually, Virat’s team took the competition with a 10-8 lead over the other team.

Pujji and Ashwin were convinced they won, the scoreboard said 10-8 but those two were convinced that I cheated sided with the team which won,” Sridhar added.

Fitness plays an important role in helping players bring their best performances on the field. The fittest players often save runs on the field while also run quick between the wickets. The Indian captain Virat Kohli has often stressed the importance of staying fit to play at the highest level.

R Sridhar happy with the training drills of India

Meanwhile, India’s fielding coach R Sridhar also expressed his delight with the training sessions so far. It is to be noted that today was their third day at Durham. In the last two days, the Indian players were involved in throwing and catching drills.

“This leg, I am extremely happy with the way we have started. On Day 1, we had inducted them with a lot of throwing and catching which was very satisfactory. It went well, there was no soreness the next morning.

And yesterday we did a lot of one on one work with the players, talking to them, telling them what we need from them individually and how can they be a crucial part of the team in terms of fielding contributions. So we had a lot of individual drills tailored specifically for them,” Sridhar added.


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