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Takumi Minamino: Liverpool and Barcelona’s greatest XI are at the same level

The RB Salzburg player believes that Liverpool has proved to be one of the best teams ever and that is recognizable by everybody.

To match the much-awaited anticipation of Anfield, Liverpool supporters worldwide, the club’s sporting director, Michael Edwards, and the manager Jurgen Klopp, RB Salzburg have confirmed Liverpool’s interest in signing the 24-year-old, Takumi Minamino. Even though the Japanese international isn’t a Liverpool player yet, it would appear to be a matter of time. It is now true that the Premier League giants are on the verge of signing the Japanese as soon as the transfer window opens. Some of those players who played against Minamino in the 2-0 win in Salzburg suggested their manager to sign him. His performance was that good, not only in the group decider but also in the September win on Merseyside.

This happened because Minamino can simply be described as one thing: A Liverpool Player. He is implacable, fast, technical, creative, smart, and ingenious. All adjectives which have remained at Anfield in the past few years. All these attributes owned by those in the red jersey in Liverpool. In these two games, the fans noticed the same implacable and creative Minamino. He was also relentless, owning a heat map that looked like a campfire ablaze.

Takumi Minamino’s deal’s details

Minamino will become the primary senior player the Reds have purchased in 18 months. A lot of things have happened in that time, primarily revolving around Liverpool becoming one of the best clubs in Europe. This has been accomplished with an identifiable brand of football. Just like how Pep Guardiola’s sides can be recognised by their ball preservation and tactical complexities, Klopp’s Liverpool now controls its own different way of playing. This is the one which is today and is conducted by every member of the squad.

Liverpool is on the brink of getting the signature of RB Salzburg star Takumi Minamino in a £7.25million ($9.5million) deal. Surprisingly that is his release clause. This could possibly be the biggest bargain especially at this point of time in the world of football.

This is the level Liverpool now see themselves at under Jurgen Klopp. Although Minamino is nowhere near Liverpool’s most significant signing, he is one of the most interesting ones. It displays that Liverpool now has a fully-formed character. This is the one that makes it obvious to everybody what sort of player would grow in this system. This is no guarantee of victory. But it is something some of the decade’s most prosperous sides founded their success upon.

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