Monday, May 17, 2021

Sponsors cancel deal with Liverpool because of the Super League fiasco


Liverpool has pulled out but they will certainly face backlash.

It’s a revolutionary moment in the history of the game. Some of the biggest clubs in the land now know that they’re not bigger than the game. The European Super League, the so-called league of the Elites now finds itself abandoned.

Clubs have realized that the existing structure maybe is a little less rewarding financially but it is rooted deep within the culture of the game. Florentino Perez looked pretty confident with the heavyweights on his side. But now slowly the tide is changing.

One by one clubs are announcing that they will start the legal action required for withdrawing. So the next season will resume normally for the fans as well as the teams. However, this is something which will not be forgotten very easily and there might be some harsh consequences.

Fans are demanding club owners resign and hand over the ownership of the club. There are positive measures Glazers, FSG, and Kroenke could have brought from American Sports. Instead, it’s all about making money for them.

Liverpool owner John W Henry apologizes to Liverpool fans

Ed Woodward has already resigned from Manchester United. Liverpool owner John W Henry has issued an official apology letter to the fans. He addressed that the project was nothing without the support of the fans and the management has heard the fans loud and clear.

However, this won’t be the end of it for John W Henry. All this drama has cost Liverpool a key sponsor as Liverpool’s official timing partner Tribus has decided to end their relationship with the club.

Tribus won’t be working with The Reds any more

Tribus have declared their will be officially ending their partnership with Liverpool

This is one of the many problems that clubs felt they might face. There was a fear of support being withdrawn from organizations and collaborative sponsors. Unfortunately for Liverpool, the punishment has arrived quicker than the others.

According to reports from the Daily Star, Tribus will not represent Liverpool anymore. “As the official global timing partner of Liverpool FC, and a family of dedicated life-long fans based in the city of Liverpool, Tribus cannot support the move from the club’s owners to break away into a new competition, the Super League.

“Our values are at the forefront of everything we do, therefore we will be withdrawing from this partnership. “Football belongs to the fans and unites us all; it was never intended to benefit the few.” The announcement came sometime before Liverpool’s decision to withdraw.

The Reds will hope that in light of the new circumstances Tribus will reconsider their decision. The management has come to their senses and will look to minimize the impact of their move on the club. However, it will take some convincing as there is a feeling of betrayal in the air.

Although this could prove out to be a lesson in the long run. The way players, managers, and fans came together were quite symbolic. Everyone has made it amply clear that the game is not just a way to make profits and anyone who thinks that way doesn’t deserve to be a part of it.

Yes, the money is important but it’s not bigger than the history of the very game. There will be a short period of turmoil for all clubs but they will hope that everyone can put this aside and move on. However, just like John W Henry each of the owners needs to own their mistake and apologize to the fans.


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