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Sir Alex Ferguson send best wishes for Liverpool victory

Liverpool lifts the premier league title trophy after almost 30 years. Sir Alex Ferguson and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and best wishes to them.

Recently, after Manchester City lost the match against Chelsea, Liverpool is declared as the premier league winners for this season. Therefore they won this title for 19th time but after 30 years. Whereas, 18th one appeared in the 1989-90’s season.

On this occasion, Sir Alex Ferguson send good wishes to their arch-rival Liverpool team. However, Sir Kenny Dalglish the former Liverpool legend reveals the good wishes sent by Sir Alex Ferguson to Liverpool on their victory.

Whereas, Sir Kenny Dalglish also said that 27 years Sir Alex Ferguson as a boss of Manchester United made United the more decorative team than Liverpool. As a result, in his 27 years managing career, he won the league title for 13 times. On the other hand, Liverpool required 30 years to hold its 19th league title after the 18th win.

Sir Kenny Dalglish last manager before Jurgen Klopp to win the PL title

Sir Kenny Dalglish last manager before Jurgen Klopp to win the PL title for Liverpool.
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Moreover, Liverpool required 30 years to achieve the greatest league title. However, Sir Kenny Dalglish was the previous manager to achieve the same triumph in the 1989-90 season. Further, Dalglish said that for five years they lead both the red’s togetherly as rivals. But after his retirement, Sir Alex Ferguson pocketed success after success and took United at pick point.

Dalglish also added that Sir Alex Ferguson declared the greatest achievement in his life was knocking out Liverpool in 2002. But after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013 the football is changed in Premier League. However, teams like Manchester City & Liverpool are moved up at the top position.

Sir Alex Ferguson congratulated Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson congratulated Liverpool.

Next, Sir Kenny Dalglish reveals that Sir Alex Ferguson contacted him to say congratulations on Liverpool’s success in this season. Also explained that after finishing the competition you have to send a letter of congratulations to each other. Though your rival but it didn’t matter. So to show your understanding you to send the congratulations letter to your opponents, said Dalglish.

Dalglish also said claimed, “Nowadays people send text messages or emails to congratulate their competitors. As they would wish to win the same title for themselves but at the same time says good words for the successful team. However, every time we see that when we congratulate others on the reply we get “wish you will be next year”, Sir Kenny Dalglish added.

Therefore congratulating others is the manners because we were not on the wars on the stadium instead we are the competitors. Hence, players shake the hand before starting the game, and also after finishing the game, Sir Kenny added.

Jurgen Klopp is a perfect fit for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp is a perfect fit for Liverpool
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Sir Kenny Dalglish confessed that Jurgen Klopp is praised by the Liverpool team and along with their fans. But the fact says that opponents also think he is the perfect fellow. As a result, he made Liverpool to win Champions league last year along with UEFA super cup, club world cup and premier league title this year, Liverpool legend said.

Basically, clubs didn’t found many mangers with good knowledge. Jurgen Klopp is unique from them and also the perfect match for the Liverpool. However, some people suit the club properly and Jurgen is one of them. Henceforth, Jurgen Klopp is comfortable and successful person who always loves to cheers the success with others, Sir Kenny Dalglish concluded.

Overall, Sir Kenny Dalglish played 515 matches for Liverpool & netted 172 goals. He also captained the Anfield side for one year in 1978. Sir Kenny Dalglish bag 6 titles as a player and 3 as a manager for Merseyside.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer also congratulated Liverpool

Following Sir Alex Ferguson’s current Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer also congratulated Liverpool for there victory. He said “Any team who is the title is the most deserving team of that title. Hence, congratulations to Jurgen Klopp and his company”, Ole said.

Whenever anyone lifts the trophy it hurts to me a lot. Similarly like every Man United member feel. Therefore, we want to get back on our winning track and it is a huge challenge to us, Ole Gunnar added.

Previously, Sir Alex Ferguson was the master of winning the trophies. Nowadays it is a challenge for United to get back on track. Consequently, to achieve it we have to work hard each and every day. Hence, we neither have to see which day it is i.e Saturday, Thursday, or Tuesday. Only we have to do is work hard and hence it is the huge changes in front of our players, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer concluded.

Jurgen Klopp tribute the win to ‘King Kenny’

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp tribute the win to 'King Kenny' after PL trophy
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Regardless after sacking the premier league title by Merseyside. Jurgen Klopp the manager of Liverpool turns out into tears & tribute the win to King Kenny. He said that everyone knows how much Kenny supported us and its for you. As he had waited for 30 years to see Liverpool holding the title again. Henceforth, boys have an attraction towards you which helps me to motivate them. As the club holds a huge history, Jurgen Klopp concluded.

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