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Shocking: UEFA bans Juventus legend; What’s the crime?

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UEFA has decided to add to Gianluigi Buffon’s misery, banning him for 3 games for his comments against referee Michael Olivar after Real Madrid loss

The governing body of European football, UEFA has dwelled deeper into the infamous red card incident in the second leg of the quarter-final between Real Madrid and Juventus at Santiago Bernabeu, and has decided to ban Juventus’ captain and goal keeper Gianluigi Buffon for 3 games after his comments on the match referee Michael Olivar, calling him an “animal”.

The Italian legend, a once in a decade goal keeper Buffon has bid farewell to Juventus after another successful domestic campaign, but he is yet to announce his retirement from the game. The chances for his return at the UEFA Champions league are almost nil. He had an ardent desire to lift the Champions League trophy but it all shattered with a loss to Real Madrid in last years final and this year quarter final after that controversial penalty in favour of Real Madrid in the 93rd minute, which also handed him a red card.

His anguish was quite evident in his comments after the game.To award such a doubtful, or super doubtful penalty, just ahead of the final whistle and destroy the work of a team who gave absolutely everything you have to have a rubbish bin instead of a heart,” Buffon had said. “You need to be prepared for a game like this. You have to watch the first leg and see that a similar foul was not punished with a penalty for Juventus in Turin.

And especially you need personality to referee a game like this. If you don’t have personality, you better watch the game from the stands with your wife and your kids while eating fries. What did I say to him while I was protesting? I could say everything in that moment because when you take such decision in a certain moment of the game it means you don’t know what sport is.

A human being cannot decide the elimination of a team with such decision. When I don’t feel that I’m good enough, I put myself in a corner. He should do the same. It’s a matter of sensibility. It means you don’t know where you are, which teams are playing, you don’t know shit. If you have the cynicism to award a penalty like that in the 93rd minute, you are not a man, you are an animal.”

Michael Olivar’s family received death threats on the back of this comment which would’ve compelled UEFA to announce the ban of the 40-year-old legend.

Author’s Take:

What Buffon said about Olivar was a flow of emotions which has layers of disappointment in the back of his mind. He wanted Italy to win, what would’ve been his last world cup. But that didn’t happen. He wanted to bid farewell to Juventus by lifting the Champions league trophy. And seeing that go away took a toll on him. But UEFA couldn’t do much in this. They have to go by the laws and did the appropriate thing.

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