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Shocking: Liverpool Superstar Makes These Strong Remarks About Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos Now

Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino has called Sergio Ramos an “idiot” for lashing out at Mohamed Salah and Loris Karius now, with regards to the incident in the Champions League final at Kiev.

The Premier League giants lost to Los Blancos, who won their third consecutive title, though there was some controversy about a few decisions involving the Spanish international.

Firstly, Salah hurt his shoulder badly, after a challenge by Ramos, which was highlighted and made the talk of the town on social media and news channels.

When that failed to make an impact, it was the incident with Karius that was once again showcased as the pinnacle of foul play and the fact that the centre-back escaped punishment yet again, with the Reds’ goalie suffering a concussion.

Tired of all the criticism, the defensive superstar slammed his critics after the game was over and the title was won, insisting that he was just being targeted without a reason, suggesting that the Egyptian star could have played on if he wanted to.

With that being said, the Real star took a dig at Firmino as well, suggesting that apart from the Brazilian everyone had a go at him and that the 26 year old forward could possibly blame him too.

He said, “I am only missing Roberto Firmino saying he got a cold because a drop of my sweat landed on him.”


After this statement, the attacker refused to be drawn into a war of words and only suggested that this comment made Ramos look like an idiot.

He stated, “I prefer not to make any comments, I think he has a view because he was the champion but I thought he was an idiot for what he said but that’s okay.”

Author’s Take-

Real Madrid are the champions of Europe and no matter what someone thinks or says now, it will not change. What is done is done and no matter what someone thinks about Ramos or co. or even about the Liverpool players, will not make a difference to anything. It is best that the fans stop living in the past and move on from this feud, as it doesn’t make any sense now, with the World Cup coming up.

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