Sarri negotiations at crucial point: Chelsea willing to use fan favourite as makeweight

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Chelsea’s bid to get Maurizio Sarri out of San Paolo have reached a crucial juncture and the Blues are willing to offer David Luiz in a deal to get the Italian and one of his trusted defender to the Premier League

The Blues have ramped up their efforts to get Maurizio Sarri to Stamford Bridge. After a month of stalemate, it seems that both the clubs involved are close to reaching an agreement.

The deal is yet filled with too many complications, however. One aspect being Napoli’s insistence to still be paid the compensation despite Sarri’s release clause reportedly expiring on 31st May. The £7 million fee in this clause was said to be a huge roadblock in the early stages of the negotiations.

There are further aspects to this deal with Napoli wanting to bring in David Luiz according to SportItalia. The Brazilian was frozen out of the squad by Conte this season despite his starring role in Chelsea’s title-winning 2016-17 campaign. His Chelsea career could still be resurrected under the new boss but not if Napoli have their way. Moreover, Luiz is not the only player who could be involved in this deal. The Blues will reportedly welcome right-back Elseid Hysaj along with his manager.

Sarri is understood to be offered a two-year deal with an option to extend for one more year. But, as was the case earlier, if Chelsea finds Napoli’s compensation demands illogical they will move on to other targets.

Former PSG boss Laurent Blanc is the Blues’ second choice after the Italian. Also, it would be much easier to appoint the Frenchman given that he is not managing any club at the moment.

Author’s Take

This deal has dragged on and on much to the frustration of Chelsea supporters and surely the officials as well. Sarri’s appointment has gone from being an inevitability to a slight possibility and back. Now with two players also involved in this, the negotiations could yet go on for a few more days.

Luiz’s departure will surely come as a big blow to the fans but they must also understand that by getting Sarri and Hysaj, they are coming of this deal as a much better unit.



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