Friday, May 7, 2021

Sara Tendulkar slams troll with smart comeback after ‘wasting father’s money’ comment


Sara Tendulkar is one of the popular personalities in the cricket fraternity. She has featured in advertisement with his father Sachin Tendulkar during her childhood days.

The 23-year-old Sara has a massive fan-following across social media. Netizens often like, comment on her posts whenever she posts anything on social media platforms.

Although she is quite active on these portals, she posts pics occasionally. However, she keeps commenting and sharing stories regularly to keep her fans and followers updated.

Earlier, social media was a nice place where people had all the freedom to express their views. However, it has turned into a hatred platform where netizens are simply targeting celebrities.

Sara Tendulkar slams troll with smart comeback after 'wasting father's money' comment

People have been misusing social media in the name of freedom of speech. Incidents of cricketers, celebrities getting trolled and abused has become quite common these days.

Sara Tendulkar shuts down a troll

The drama unfolded when Sachin’s daughter Sara Tendulkar posted a picture of her with a cup of coffee in her hand. Meanwhile, a troll responded to the post by saying that Sara is wasting her dad’s money.

“Wasting father’s money,” a troll wrote. The troll’s comment caught the attention of Sara Tendulkar. So, she decided to put an end to the troll’s comment with a clever comeback on the photo and video blogging platform.

Sara Tendulkar posted the reply on her Instagram story along with a response to the person. She addressing her fans and followers saying, “Umm… Any money spent on caffeine is money well spent, not wasted LOL.”

Previously, the same troll also responded to a previous story she had shared of her brother adding: “Least priced guy”. Netizens couldn’t stop lauding Sara Tendulkar for her reply. Sara’s reply to the troll went viral on the internet.

When Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar trended on social media

Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter made the headlines earlier when ‘Google’ showed her as Shubman Gill’s wife. When one typed Shubman Gill’s wife, the search engine automatically showed Sara Tendulkar.

Sara Tendulkar might be secretly supporting Kolkata Knight Riders because of the young gun Shubman Gill. Earlier, Sara Tendulkar has often reacted to Gill’s batting and fielding on Instagram.

Shubman Gill scored 440 runs in 14 games in the 2020 edition of the IPL at the United Arab Emirates. However, he is yet to unleash his true colours in this season. He played 2 games wherein he scored 48 runs.


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