Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sania Mirza reacts as Shoaib Malik tries to flirt with Pakistani actress

Former Pakistan skipper recently came live with compatriot actress Mahira Khan on Instagram.

The worldwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to sporting activities around the globe. Cricketers around the world have taken to social media to interact with fans and share their opinions on various topics.

Veteran Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik became the latest to join the bandwagon. Malik recently came live on Instagram with fellow country actress Mahira Khan. The duo discussed the current COVID-19 situation in Pakistan and hoped for things to get normal as soon as possible.

Mahira mentioned during the conversation how difficult they were finding it to connect live on Instagram. The Pakistani actress suggested that they had both grown old and hence finding it a challenging task. Malik however responded saying that although he was getting old, Mahira wasn’t.

Mahira reacted to the compliment asking the former Pakistan skipper if ‘Bhabhi’ Sania was watching them live on Instagram. Shoaib replied that Sania was indeed watching but also added in a funny tone that she was by no means his sister-in-law.

Sania Mirza reacts after husband Shoaib Malik tries to flirt with Pakistan actress Mahira Khan

Mahira could not control his laughter on hearing Shoaib’s comment. “I did not mean your sister-in-law but she [Sania] is the sister-in-law of the whole of Pakistan,” the actress mentioned. Sania, who was watching the Instagram live, could not refrain herself from commenting on the conversation.

“Yes I see, what are you two talking about,” the Indian tennis star wrote. Shoaib then went on to ask Mahira if she ever Google searched the person she is dating. Mahira responded to the former’s question saying, “Like you, we haven’t dated someone like Sania Mirza who can be googled.”

Watch the video of the conversation here:

Shoaib could not stop smiling after hearing Mahira’s response. Shoaib and Sania tied the knot in 2010. The couple has a son named Izhaan who was born in 2018. The couple however hasn’t met each other in five months owing to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Sania made her comeback to the sport only earlier this year. The Indian tennis star is currently at her parents’ place in Hyderabad. Shoaib, on the other hand, is at Sialkot in Pakistan with his parents. The couple’s child Izhaan Mirza Malik has remained with his mother.


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