Monday, May 17, 2021

Rodgers replacing Mourinho? Roy Hudson says Spurs might fall short


Tottenham will be looking for a permanent replacement for Jose Mourinho.

Tottenham finds themselves looking again, this time their search is for a suitable manager. In a shock move, the club decided to relieve Mourinho from his position. There were rumors of Mourinho leaving because of the ESL situation.

However recent reports suggest that the club was plotting this for quite some time. Apparently, they felt that there was a negative environment in the locker room under Mourinho. Also, Tottenham wasn’t doing too well in the Premier League.

The surprise was Tottenham firing their manager 6 days before facing City in the final. Many felt that this leaves the club in a slightly vulnerable position. Ryan Mason is taking over till the end of the season for the Spurs.

It was a lucky start as Tottenham was on the rewarding end of a controversial VAR call. Heung Min Son calmly slotted the ball into the net and gave Spurs a 2-1 advantage. However, another big test is waiting for the Spurs as they have to face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final.

Ryan Mason will be the interim manager for Tottenham till the end of the season

Their performance might be the key in deciding whether to give Ryan Mason a shot or to go for more someone more experienced. Spurs will be looking for someone to settle their squad and the rumor is they’re looking at someone who knows the Premier League inside out.

Brendan Rodgers is one of the names Tottenham are looking at. The Irish International has done well with the Foxes this season as they sit in 3rd place. But former England manager Roy Hodgson believes Tottenham may not have that pull anymore.

The lure of the top 6 doesn’t really work anymore for Spurs

Tottenham looking towards Brendan Rodgers to come in and replace Jose Mourinho

Spurs over the years have maintained a reputation in the Premier League. They are always in contention for the top spots in the league. But recently the club’s performance has been declining.

This is why it is very important to restore the status quo. If Spurs are able to win a trophy and secure a top 4 finish they would really be set up for the next season. They have the opportunity, what remains to be seen is whether they can deliver.

As of now Roy Hodgson believes that Tottenham do not have the lure to attract Brendan Rodgers away from Leicester. This was his statement according to reports from Football365.

Brendan is doing extremely well at Leicester”. “I think, if other clubs want to tempt him away, it will not be easy and as simple as suggesting that historically we happen to be a bit of a bigger club than the one you are at.

“It will be a question of having to persuade him that the future will be much better for him if he moves and that will not necessarily be an easy thing to do as what he is doing at Leicester, the players he has at Leicester, the support he has at Leicester, the way the future looks for Leicester, all of these things are very positive aspects.”

Brendan Rodger’s contract with Leicester will expire at the end of the season. Leicester’s position in the table might have a say in him staying or leaving. But considering the team’s overall development it’s very likely that the manager will stay with the Foxes.


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