Friday, July 30, 2021

Revealed: Where Manchester City can drop points and boost Liverpool’s Premier League title hopes!

The Premier League champions have reduced the gap at top from 7 points to a point.

The race for Premier League title is on. Liverpool before the start of the year where 7 points clear of City, sitting comfortably at top. However, come February things have changed and shifted the momentum to City’s way. The difference at top of 7 points was reduced to a point. Given City’s tedious fixtured, no one was expecting City to pounce back this quickly. Injuries at the back played a crucial in derailing Liverpool’s performance. With 10 games no can really predict who will holding the Premier League trophy in May. It seems Manchester City have a possibility of dropping points in these games.

After a hugely uncomfortable Christmas and New Year, Manchester City’s form in February has completely scrambled the complexion of the Premier League title race, with those three defeats in four games over the festive period leaving an increasingly faded imprint on the top of the table. City already looked well beaten in their bid to retain their crown when Liverpool came to the Etihad on 3 January, but a 2-1 win that night seemed to remind the champions that they are still the best team in the land and, crucially, prevented the Reds’ lead stretching to a maybe-unassailable ten points. Who knows whether City could have reeled in Jurgen Klopp’s team from across that chasm, but one thing is certain – Pep Guardiola’s side have the got Liverpool’s scent, and will make the Reds expend everything they’ve got to maintain their slenderest of leads. Like their title rivals, City haven’t got too difficult a go of things away from home, with one glaring exception – a trip to Old Tarfford to face Manchester United on 24 April.

Immediately before that comes Tottenham at the Etihad, but by then City will have had back-to-back games against Bournemouth , Watford , Fulham , Cardiff and Crystal Palace , and whilst there may not be any such thing as an easy run in the Premier League, there is such a thing as a difficult one, and this is not one of those for a team that backed up 18 wins on the spin last season. After that, it may be as simple as whose bottle holds the longest. City face Burnley away and Leicester at home on the very last leg – both should be fodder for a team going tooth and nail for the title but then so too should be Palace at home and Newcastle and Leicester away and look what happened to the champions there – before finishing up at the Etihad against Brighton (where the same logic will apply).

Author’s Take:

Liverpool’s confidence is likely only to grow the longer they maintain their lead at the top, though City will hope the encroaching prospect of glory will have the counter effect. One thing seems sure – one of these teams will drop points between now and May.


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