Red Signal for Kai Havertz’ Premier league transfer in summer

Red Signal for Kai Havertz’ Premier league transfer in summer

Bundesliga youngsters are the hot topics of the summer transfer window of 2020.

Germany has been a football nursery for years as the rise of promising youngsters happening there. Kai Havertz of Bayer Leverkusen is one of the star teenagers that hailed this season along with Borussia talents Sancho and Haaland. These three are the top supply of Bundesliga for summer.

Premier League clubs are the top bidders for the stars and the teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool had included the names of these players as separate missions. The German international already discussed a lot by football pundits in the meantime.

Red Signal for Kai Havertz Premier league transfer in summer

Owen Hargreaves of BT Sport has commented on the danger in the move of Havertz to the Premier League. The ‘half Ballack-half Ozil’ description given by Goal is the latest praise that the 20-year-old got the game.

Pundit’s Facts

The midfielder of Leverkusen is going through a top-flight this season with 12 goals and 8 assists from 35 games. He evolved in BayArena in the course of 4 years and thinking about a first move out of his motherland. His season campaign gets him a star value to start on a premier league side but things are different in England. The competition level is high in the Premier League. And starting in one of the big six squads is a rough and tough task for a youngster.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool is already packed with a perfect champion squad. He is making a parallel eleven with the options he got in the squad. As per the current situation, Havertz won’t get a vacancy in the front three rulings by Firmino, Mane, and Salah. Even though he will get some big games in Anfield, but he won’t be able to claim a permanent start in the squad. A player in his level can’t sit on a bench in this stage of his career.

The situation in Old Trafford is comparatively better than Liverpool. He is a perfect fit for Ole’s style and can take the campaign of Red Devils into the next level. The challenges of young players are there in Old Trafford along with these facts. All the player wants a permanent start in a team. In Leverkusen, he is the first choice by Peter Bosz and he won’t get that privilege in England.

The Reality

Red Signal for Kai Havertz Premier league transfer in summer

Havertz’s contract with Die Werkself ends next summer. An extension is a sure possibility as per the current scenario. The €81 million market value of the player is a true reality that will tempt Leverkusen to think about a deal. Doing business in the peak time of the player will benefit the club in its treasury and the current uncertainty of the football finance increase the chance of a deal?

Havertz scored twice in the reopening matchday against Werder Bremen on Monday flamed the talks on the form of the player. Anyway, the Premier League is a possible destination for the player next season. But the responsibilities will be dramatically high if he chooses England as the next stage.

If the player is ready to take a challenge, then the Premier League is the best option. Moving out of the current comfort zone will positively build a new attitude of the player and he will be able to improve his playing style. It will add more weightage to his profile if he can find a similar camp in England like Leverkusen!

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