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Real Madrid man shed light on Gareth Bale’s situation

Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid career has been less than ideal and now his teammates are coming out with statements regarding the attacker’s situation at the club.

Every person donning the Real Madrid whites will speak about how Bale’s career has stalled. After an impressive debut season, the pacy winger has succumbed to injuries. A fractured relationship with the manager hasn’t helped his cause either. As he is expected to leave the club in the coming months, one of his colleagues has something to say regarding his situation.

“Bale’s situation is inconvenient”

Toni Kroos has spoken what everyone has been thinking about Gareth Bale.“Yes, it seems inconvenient to return from your national team, not playing with your club and then be in the right condition again when you have to return to the national team.”

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“The moment may not be the best. I hope he will be fine again when he returns [from international duty]. I am convinced that we will still need his quality in many matches,” Kroos told

Kroos’ thoughts on Bale’s Real Madrid future

When pressed about commenting on the Welshman’s future, Kroos didn’t give much away.“I do not know what will happen. He was about to leave in the summer. After something like that, it is not so easy to get back to normal, but I get the impression that he is very motivated. What will have bothered him most is to have returned from the national team.”

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Author’s Take

Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid career is slowly but sh=urely winding down. The only reason he is still at the club is because of his lofty financial demands. Having tried and failed to secure a move last summer, Bale would be desperate to move as soon as possible. Ultimately, that might be the best outcome for both Real Madrid and the player himself.

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