PSG star eyeing Barcelona move after row with clubmate Neymar

Real Madrid lead the race for the PSG star after Barcelona step down

Les Parisians are apparently dealt with another internal rift and this midfielder resultantly wants to move to Barcelona after row with Neymar

Paris St.Germain have apparently hit with another rift between two players. Reports suggest Adrian Rabiot had a row with team-mate Neymar, and now wants to move abroad. The Frenchman is supposed “fed-up” of the Brazilian star and hence eyeing a move to his former club, Barcelona.

The Spanish champions have been linked with Rabiot in the recent weeks as they are looking for someone to fill in for the departing Andres Iniesta. Among the many players, the 23-year old midfielder is also considered as a possible option and this fall-out may just help foster the move.

This isn’t the first time this season we are hearing such a news of internal conflict at PSG. Neymar and Edinson Cavani famously engaged in heated exchanges over a penalty while the Uruguayan even went on to admit there were problems between the two. Now even if things have watered down between those two, Les Parisians are now dealt with another contretemps.

The Brazil star is once again in the eye of the storm, and many believe he’s the primary reason for instability in the camp. And the latest spat might render the French champions forced to sell Rabiot, who’s nailed colours to the mast in the aftermath of that spat.

The reports have apparently stemmed through Barcelona star Philippe Coutinho, who has got to know of Rabiot’s stigma and also conveyed his desire to join the Catalans.

The club may have their task of reinforcements made easier by this. Barcelona would have a potential option readily available. But questions remain over the French star’s credentials. Rabiot has been in and out of the team, delivering inconsistently. But, he’s only 23 and may find his footing through regular opportunities at Barcelona.

Author’s Take

Barcelona would be taking a risk with the acquisition of Rabiot. The Frenchman looks a promising prospect, but uncertainties hinge on whether he’d be able to deliver. Many of their recent signings were roped in on similar grounds; only a few have lived up to the height. This is one too, is a potentially dicey prospect.

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