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Pep Guardiola founds alternative for Leroy Sane as he denies new contract

Trouble maker decision by Leroy Sane leads to find an alternative for him from the Burnley and Bundesliga.

Manchester City is in trouble due to Leroy Sane denied the contract renewal offer for two-three times from Man City. However, they are in search of an alternative for the winger Leroy Sane.

Currently, Pep Guardiola targeted Burnley’s winger McNeil as a replacement for Leroy Sane as per reports of ESPN. Whereas, the absence of the same in this season due to his injury may be the reason for losing the Premier League title. Hence, Liverpool carved their name on this year’s title of the Premier League ahead of Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola also targeting Bundesliga’s players

Man City looking to sign Leon Bailey as replacement for Leroy Sane
Chelsea and Barcelona target Leon Bailey

Furthermore, Manchester City’s boss said that Leroy Sane had decided to exit from the Etihad side. Whereas, Bayern Munich is scouting him for a long time ago. Hence, it looks like Sane might move to the Bundesliga side in the future. But it will depend on the bid proposal by the different clubs.

On the other hand, along with the McNeil from the English side Pep is targeting the Bayer Leverkusen star player Leon Bailey. As recent reports claimed that Manchester City is looking to the German side to sign an alternative for Leroy Sane.

Dwight McNeil-Man United boy to Burnley’s regular starter

Dwight McNeil  Man United boy to Burnley's regular starter

Moreover, Dwight McNeil the English boy who grows up from the rivalry side of Manchester United. Additionally, United left him at the age of fifteen years of age. Further, he joined to Burnley side.

However, he made his PL debut in 2017-18 last match of Burnley. Then he became the regular starter for the Burnley as he had played 50 matches and scored 5 goals along with 11 assists. Therefore his contract is finishing in 2023 from Burnley also with an extra year renewal deal. But it depends on how long Burnley wants to keep him.

MacNeil’s versatility attracts Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola trying to hit good playmakers for the alternative of Leroy Sane. One of them is Dwight McNeil from the Burnley. However, his attractive playing style along with extraordinary versatility & athleticism catches the eye of Pep Guardiola in this transfer market.

Beside Man City, other clubs also excited to buy Dwight McNeil

Beside Man City, other clubs also excited to buy Dwight McNeil.

Everyone knows that Dwight McNeil is the hot prospect from the Burnley side. Therefore, along with City he also attracted City’s rival and his old club Manchester United. Whereas, reports last November declared that Man United also trying to back their old kid.

Nextly, Sean Ditch said that McNeil will leave the Burnley side. As in last December, he announced that McNeil is the only player who will go beyond them but on the positive side. Also, he added that Burnley doesn’t want to exit good players but due to bigger clubs are looking ahead to sign them. So some amount of players might leave the Burnley.

Overall, he said that McNeil is the top player with consistency in every game. As a result, if he continues his hard-working ability then in future he will be more successful, Sean Ditch concluded.

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