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“The ball is not acceptable to play with”- Guardiola slams match ball for League Cup struggles

Manchester City played a tough match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in League Cup that they won by 4-1 on penalties. The 120 minutes goalless game made the City goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, the star of the night. Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, claims the Mitre ball was the reason for his players’ inability to score.

Guardiola said after the match, “The ball is not acceptable to play with… at that level. We play with a different ball. It’s not Nike, Adidas I don’t know, it’s a different brand. It’s unacceptable to play with the ball. That ball is not a serious ball for a professional game.”

He added, “I say that because we won, eh? If I don’t win, I don’t say that because after that it’s excuses. As I won, I can tell you: it is not acceptable to play. If it’s for the marketing, for the money, for many reasons, it’s okay but it’s not acceptable to play with that ball.”

Expressing his side’s uneasiness with the ball, he said, “No weight, nothing. (We get the balls for) one day or two days, but the ball is bad two days, one month, one year, two years. It’s bad, it’s bad. The ball is unacceptable for the high level of the competition. All the players complain. I assure you all of them say ‘what is that?’ Really. I am sorry Carabao Cup.”


Bravo’s incredible 2 penalty saves really helped Man City move forward in the tournament. Praising his goalkeeper, the manager said, “Without Claudio, we would not be in the next round. I am so, so happy for him because it has not always been easy. He made a lot of important saves for us.”

Bravo’s goalkeeping helped Man City to move ahead in the tournament.

It was a big night for the City’s captain, Sergio Aguero as an individual but he could not capitalize the opportunities. He is still just one step away from breaking Eric Brook record of 177 goals. Staying positive for his player, the City boss said, “Relax, guys, he’s going to break the record. If not the next game, it’s another one. If not, another one. If not, another one.”

He added, “He has to be focused, play football and the situation is going to happen. It is not a record he has to break by scoring 50 more goals. It’s one more goal.”


Sergio Aguero will definitely look forward to breaking the record when he will face West Bromwich Albion this Saturday. Furthermore, the English Football League (EFL) calls the ball perfect under FIFA criteria in the response of Guardiola’s complain. Moreover, City midfielder Yaya Toure has also supported his boss by calling the even worse than Adidas’ controversial “Jabulani” ball, that was in news in 2010 World Cup.

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