OnePlus keen on rising up to become the No.1 Esports brand

OnePlus has become one of the most successful companies in the esports ecosystem. Their DOMIN8 tournament was a huge success and their target to greater heights.

The tech giants OnePlus’ DOMIN8 was a huge success in the esports ecosystem. The event was the first of its kind involving both pro gamers and professional cricketers. The face of the event was the idea of KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Smriti Mandhana and Yuzvendra Chahal were up against some pro gamers. The opposition has the likes of Sc0ut, Dynamo, Ahsaas Channa, and GodNixon. This itself was a highlight of the event.

This was a fresh idea from OnePlus, showing their interest in developing India’s esports ecosystem. The leading smartphone developer is also hoping to dominate esports with their products. This event itself is an example of their foresight in their goal.

OnePlus is hoping to revolutionize the esports environment.
OnePlus is hoping to revolutionize the esports environment. Source: Getty Images.

The company’s Head of Marketing Siddhant Narayan is looking forward to achieving the goal in a span of five years. OnePlus is already taking steps to invest in the esports by supporting pro gamers of the PUBG mobile app. Here we shall see some of the key factors Narayan has on his mind, which he shared with sportskeeda.

Will there be more events like DOMIN8 in the future?

DOMIN8 was a grand success for the OnePlus team
DOMIN8 was a grand success for the OnePlus team. Source: BGR.in

DOMIN8 was the first of its kind and did find a lot of good feedback. The strategy of OnePlus to connect both traditional sports with esports was a huge hit. The Marketing Head did express that there will be more events like DOMIN8 in the future. Though the event was held during the lockdown period when the usage of online games is at its peak. Narayan feels that since the introduction of PUBG mobile the online usage has found a boost.

Not only is the gaming platform revolutionizing, but smartphones are also adapting to the gaming ecosystem. Most of the devices are basing their products on gaming compatibility. OnePlus itself launched its new device on a collaboration with Fortnite for 90FPs gaming. But still, the competition is rising, and more and more users are increasing in the esports platforms day by day.

OnePlus is undoubtedly one of the most promising brands that can lead the adaptation. They have some of the most rave specs a gaming gadget can offer. OnePlus build their smartphones for a fast and smooth gaming experience. They offer 120hz display and top Qualcomm processors for better gaming. They also introduce crystal-clear sound with Dolby Atmos.

OnePlus and Fnatic

The duo are aiming for a new venture in the esports ecosystem
The duo are aiming for a new venture in the esports ecosystem. Source: The Esports Observer.

OnePlus and Fnatic have developed a partnership lately. Narayan expresses that the connection is more than just a business relationship. Both OnePlus and Fnatic are like-minded for the growth of esports. They have also been looking to push the boundaries of gaming. The Marketing Head also makes it clear that they are willing to form more such partnerships.

OnePlus devices also have a new Fnatic mode, which enhances gaming. But they say that it’s not just this that provides ease in the experience. The display, processors, RAM are all distinctive features that provide the experience.

The recent partnerships with Fnatic and Fortnite have made OnePlus one of the most sought after gadgets. Narayan is confident about the tremendous growth in the industry in the next five years. Now itself OnePlus is one of the most in-demand gaming gadget consumer ask for.

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