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One of these 3 could be the new Executive Director at Man United


Manchester United fans have gone crazy since the news regarding Ed Woodward came out. For quite some time Ed Woodward and the Glazers were targets of huge criticism from a majority of United fans.

Over the years people were saying that they don’t really care about the club. United’s involvement in the European Super League was the final nail in executive vice-chairman Mr. Woodward’s coffin. Fans even went on to call for the resignation of the Glazers.

It is not a surprise really as the Glazers don’t show much interest in their club’s development. It is high time we have someone who cares about the club in the club’s leadership.

The management is saying that Ed Woodward was bound to resign sooner rather than later and this situation escalated his departure. Apparently, MEN was aware of Woodward resigning at the end of the season since last November.

Ed Woodward to part ways from Manchester United at the end of the season

Liverpool’s owner John W Henry openly admitted their mistake and asked for forgiveness. United fans have similar expectations but it would be surprising to see the Glazers forsake their ego even for once.

Nevertheless, Ed Woodward is the first casualty of this confusing betrayal. At the end of the season, United’s Chief Director will part ways from the club. Manchester United will start looking for potential candidates and they have 3 good alternatives.

3 potential candidates to replace Ed Woodward at Man United:

United looking to find a replacement for Ed Woodward before the next season starts

Manchester United will be looking to find a potential replacement for Mr. Woodward before they head into the next season. Although not a fan favorite he was an important influence at the club. Here are 3 potential candidates for the Red Devils.

1) Edvin Van Der Sar

Edvin Van Der Sar is someone who clearly knows what it means to be part of a club like Manchester United. He is a club legend and someone who understands the intricacies of the game. Van Der Sar is currently the CEO for Ajax and has done a really wonderful job.

Van der Sar promoted the younger players at Ajax and the team even had a very good run in the Champions League. However, United’s last 3 promotions have been internal. Van Der Sar although a fan favorite is less likely to make the switch.

2) Richard Arnold

United’s last three Chief Executive Directors(Peter Kenyon, David Gill, and Woodward) have come through the management of the club. Arnold joined in 2007-08 and has been with the club ever since. He was one of Woodward’s key allies at United.

As of now, Mr. Arnold is currently the Group Managing Director at United. It seems likely that he could receive a promotion and be the one to take the responsibility for the club.

3) Cliff Batty

Cliff Batty is often confused with one of the members of the Glazers family because of their similar appearance. He has currently the Chief Financial Officer for Manchester United. He is also on good terms with the current owners which set him up as a potential candidate.


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