Olivier Giroud and Chelsea have shared interest in a contract extension

Chelsea has added one more year to Giroud’s services at Stamford Bridge. The contract extension was completed on Thursday.

Olivier Giroud is likely to make an exit from Chelsea as per recent reports. But the Frenchman did add another year to his stay at Stamford Bridge. The contract extension took place on Thursday. Thereby snubbing away any transfer speculation.

As per earlier reports Giroud was looking into making a move away from Chelsea. With interest from Serie A side Inter Milan, the move is thought to happen. But on the contrary Chelsea has added one more year to his contract.

Chelsea boss Lampard will continue with Giroud for another season.
Chelsea boss Lampard will continue with Giroud for another season.

Giroud has not made it into the Chelsea lineup in the last few games. Hence the speculation that Lampard may part ways with their striker. Tammy Abraham was Lampard’s first choice for his starting eleven. But the Blues boss is holding onto their veteran striker for another season.

There was a mutual understanding between both parties.

According to Le10 Sport, both Chelsea and Giroud are helping each other. The extension will benefit both parties equally. With the coronavirus pandemic, the deal will do good for both sides.

Chelsea will be able to add a season to his contract because of a clause in his contract. There is a clause in Giroud’s contract that gives Chelsea the choice to extend it if they wish to. Which they did utilize by extending services for another year on Thursday.

Giroud, Chelsea

Lampard did consider signing a striker to bring support for Tammy Abraham. But the pandemic has slowed down the process with financial problems. Hence, Lampard chose to extend Giroud’s stay at Chelsea for one more season. Which will give him time to sort things out slowly and steadily.

Frank Lampard is happy to continue with the French veteran. He is one of the most experienced full players in the squad. And Lampard has always been an admirer of the striker since his return as manager. Frank believes he can be a model for their young stars. The boss is happy to be able to continue for a whole new season.

Olivier Giroud is happy to continue at Stamford Bridge.

Despite there being rumors about Giroud keen to make an exit. It seems he is more than happy to continue at Chelsea.

Olivier Giroud is thought to have found interest in Inter Milan. Having less playtime on the field, there were assumptions he would make a move to clubs showing interest. Also, Chelsea is now focusing on building a young squad to secure its future.

Giroud, chelsea
Giroud was rumored with a move to Inter Milan.

Lampard is giving more opportunities to his youngsters. Tammy Abraham is staring in the starting eleven more than Giroud at times. Hence causing speculation about a potential exit for the Frenchman.

But on the contrary, Giroud has got an additional season to play. The French striker did show his happiness in making the extension. Olivier is looking forward to starting his training sessions with Chelsea soon. What the Frenchman wants most is to see a full Stamford Bridge. Cheering for him and the Blues soon. He hopes to see this view when all of this is over.

But the exit for the Frenchman is pretty obvious soon. Next season there will be interest in the striker for sure. For now he is continuing at Stamford Bridge and providing his experience for the club.

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