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Ole Gunner told to guide Bruno Fernandes due to bad antics

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Bruno Fernandes needs to understand that maintaining his reputation is as important as results.

Bruno Fernandes is one of the starlets in the United team. The player since arriving has lifted the atmosphere at the Old Trafford. He has an impeccable record of not losing a game with United since becoming a part of the club.

Manchester United went head to head with Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham in the first fixture for both the teams. Mourinho is an expert in breaking down their opponents. And since he knows what United’s weakness is, Tottenham was perfectly set up for the challenge.

It was a very tactical match, but both teams put in a good performance. However from a neutral perspective, United did more to claim the 3 points. But it ended up in a draw. Bruno Fernandes was the best player in the United squad in that game too.

Bruno Fernandes needs to adapt to the Premier League's physicality.
Bruno Fernandes needs to adapt to the Premier League’s physicality.

He scored the penalty Pogba won and was awarded the player of the match. Since joining Bruno has won 5 players of the match awards with United. But there are some aspects of his game, the Portuguese have to improve upon.

Bruno goes down too easily upon feeling contact. The Premier League is the toughest there is and you have to learn to adapt to its physicality. Against Tottenham, Bruno won a penalty that was later overturned by the VAR.

And Fernandes should have been given a yellow. Because there was minimal contact but he threw himself on the floor. Tottenham’s coach Jose too believed that it should have been a booking for him. Although former Liverpool player Danny Murphy believes Ole will have a word with him.

Danny Murphy gave his opinion on Bruno’s dive against Tottenham

Fernandes needs to change his attitude in the Premier League.
Fernandes needs to change his attitude in the Premier League.

Danny Murphy says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will likely “have a word” with Bruno Fernandes. “Bruno Fernandes was the best player on the pitch for Manchester United against Tottenham on Friday,” Murphy told the Daily Mail.

“But if you hate diving with a passion like I do, he has to be called out for conning referee Jonathan Moss by leaning into Eric Dier and then falling over.”From a football point of view, Bruno was terrific again.

“I’m hoping he will be embarrassed if he looks back. He doesn’t need to indulge in diving and gain a reputation for being public enemy No 1. He is talented enough to win matches and make himself a hero without such antics.”

And Danny Murphy is spot on. The fans in the Premier League are very harsh on this aspect from players. Bruno has the potential to step it up into top gear without resorting to diving.

Also Bruno has the talent to find himself in exceptionally good positions. But sometimes his decision making is not right. The hunger is their to score and to win but some times you need the play the right pass. One thing he has to understand that it won’t be easy to beet PL keepers from long range.

But one good thing for United fans was to finally able to see Pogba and Fernandes play together. And it was great too. As soon as Paul Pogba came on Tottenham were hanging on to their lead. And for a period of 10-15 minutes United were purely dominating.


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