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No Christmas party for the players of Manchester City

Manchester City’s players did not join the club’s main Christmas celebration this year.

It is well known by now that boss Pep Guardiola outlined the first-team squad at an exhibition in Manchester city center. This was for all the club’s teams on Thursday evening. This came after a book issued earlier this season. It was written with the full co-operation of Pep Guardiola. The book explained how the manager was disappointed with some players after last year’s disaster. According to ‘Pep’s City: The Making of a Superteam‘, by Spanish journalists Lu Martin and Pol Ballus, some players extended their partying methods at a nearby nightclub after the event.

Although they all reported for practice on time the next morning. The book, however, says: “One or two, however, had clearly overdone it on the Christmas spirit – and Pep wasn’t impressed.” After two days, Manchester City was defeated at home by Crystal Palace. Consecutively they even lost to Leicester over the celebratory period. This year’s party came in the night after City played Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. This was in the Champions League and three days before a crucial Premier League encounter at Arsenal.

More from Guardiola and his players

Guardiola will be desperate to get back to succeeding ways on the national front. Especially after losing to rivals Manchester United in last weekend’s derby, the champions are now 14 points behind leaders Liverpool after four disappointments this term. Guardiola’s associate coach Mikel Arteta has been connected with the Gunners who do not have a permanent manager as of now. The Spaniard could be a contender to replace Unai Emery at his former club. He was also been linked with a return to the Emirates Stadium when their main man Arsene Wenger left last year. Another interest comes from Everton.

City striker Gabriel Jesus said that: “He has helped a lot of players. When I want to do some finishing after training, I tell him and he comes and helps me, so he is fantastic for us. All the players know that everyone knows that in the club. He is a fantastic guy and a fantastic manager. I don’t know honestly what he thinks about his career, that is for him, so I hope he can find his way and I hope he can be happy.”

We have not seen much of Manchester City’s dominant side this season. With the transfer window opening, we should not be surprised by another record transfer coming to Manchester City. Pep Guardiola will definitely be disappointed by his team’s bad run of form. They face Arsenal up next and he would look to turn the tables around.

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