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New quick fantasy app ‘Fan2Play’ knocking the door of Sports Fan


The arrival of a new fantasy app named ‘Fan2Play’ will give chance to fans for earning more money.

In a world full of sports there are a couple of fantasy apps for fans. However, this app helps the supporters to create their team and become a manager by choosing players from both the teams.

Along with this, we can earn money from such apps. At present, there are a huge number of apps used for fantasy but choosing the right one is much tougher. Nowadays, people getting confused during choosing the perfect platform for fantasy purposes.

So here we have a newly launched app Fan2Play fantasy app for cricket and football lovers. In this app, there are an additional number of features which is not included in any other present app. This shows the uniqueness of the app.

Moreover, all extra features added to the app for helping fans to win more money. As it contains the perfect and affordable entry fee contest including higher winning prices. In the end, it will depend on how carefully they will handle this app and play the game.

This Fan2Play app will available to download from the official website of the app. Therefore, it supports both android and IOS systems also. So now let’s have look at the app’s features and comparison with the other apps.

What is the Fan2Play app?

Fan2Play app is the fantasy app for cricket and football supporters.  Everyone by seating at any corner of the earth can access this app easily on their smartphones. This user-friendly app assists beginners with its guide entailed at the ‘help’ option on the menu bar.

This app is mainly created for football and cricket fans only despite other games. Because this includes only fantasy games regarding cricket and football. It’s a point system and a contest system is also remarkable.

Comparison between Fan2Play and other apps

Fan2Play app has several different things included in it as compared to other apps. The first and most are it offers a more money bonus in comparison with other apps. They offer a 20 rupees bonus after downloading and rupees 10 per referral up to 5 references.

Low investment higher winnings India's quickest fantasy App-Fan2Play

Another big earning is a 500 rupees bonus after the first deposit from the user. Whereas, other apps only offer registration and referral bonus. They don’t include a triple-digit bonus after adding the funds to the app.

Succeeding innovation Fan2Play had made that lower entry fee contest with higher winning price money as compare to others including 1 vs 1 contest in the app. As in other apps required to choose 11 players for the competition of the team.

On the other hand, Fan2Play has options to play the contest having 2,3,4, or 11 players in your team. As per our convenience, we need to choose the contest depending on the size of the team i.e number of players included in our team.

The best option of playing one vs one challenge offers you to challenge anyone with your team. Or else accept the challenge given by another person. This type of feature is not included in any other app.

This app consists of the easy and quick withdrawal of money from the app. In this, you need not require to fulfill all the conditions from the app as you can debit your winnings in a single step via Paytm number or by adding a particular bank account number to it.

Quick customer support and innovative points system

Fan2Play app is the only app that looks at fans queries or requirements immediately. They help users to solve their problems quickly by contacting them via message or email. Whereas, another app takes more time to have contact with users while solving problems.

This India’s quickest fantasy app made the different points distribution system as correlated to other apps. They had done changes in the points system as per the different formats of the game. On the contrary, other apps mostly keep the same points system for all the formats of the game.

Henceforth, it may cause damage to the users team-building strategies which may make to suffer from the loss. So using Fan2Play is the best option for fantasy enthusiasts.  Also, offers the same features for football and cricket which makes to get out from the confusion. Hence, we should use the Fan2Play app regularly during our fantasy games.


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