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Mural dedicated to English players after racist abuse in Euro 2020

The reactions of the England fans after their national team lost to Italy in the finals of the Euro 2020 has shocked the entire world. There have been cases of assault, racism and many more concerning issues.

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Manchester United and Arsenal players faced racial abuse after missing the penalties in the Euro 2020 final.

‘Football and Art’ are fighting the social evil of racism after the incident with the Mural went viral in England. The Arthur Wharton Foundation in Darlington came up with graffiti art that supporting the English players of Manchester United and Arsenal after the racial abuse incident of Euro 2020.

But some of the racists defaced the Mural with abusive content. The owners of the foundation anticipated the incident and fans removed the vile racism on the walls of the establishment, showing more support.

Arthur Wharton was the first black professional footballer in the world in 1885. He played as a goalkeeper for Darlington Football Club in 1885. And later selected to play with the more prestigious Newcastle and District team.

The Arthur Wharton Foundation on Widdowfield Street, in Darlington, County Durham, is a dedicated establishment for the great footballer. The settlement gets into discussions after displaying a Mural on its wall supporting the English players Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, and Bukayo Saka after they faced racial abuse. (Sources)

Meanwhile, a tribute to Marcus Rashford on the wall of the Coffee House Cafe in his hometown of Withington, Manchester, was defaced. The local police officials called the act a ‘hate crime’ and looking for further actions. 

There was huge support flagging in the social media after the incident at Darlington. More fans joined the fight against racism in football. Although, the hardcore racist comments are still tracking down by the officials in media as well as in public.

The spark from the Euro 2020

Support for English players in Darlington

The final of the tournament at Wembley was the first scene. The penalty shootout against Italy made the first spark. The Manchester United players, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, came to the field in the last moment of the additional extra minutes.

The stars missed the kicks in the shootout and undergone wide criticism from fans. The Arsenal youngster, Bukayo Saka’s situation, was worse. He had the opportunity to level the results in the shootouts but he missed from the spot.

The angry fans handled the situation to some extent after the match, but the hardcore nationalist and racists took up the abusive comments to criticize the players. The football community stand united for the players and fought the dark shades of racism.

The latest incident at Darlington demands more equipment for the fight. Also, hundreds of people have taken to social media to condemn the graffiti. Darlington MP Peter Gibson said: “The Arthur Wharton Foundation has done much to promote understanding of the contribution of black footballers throughout our history.

“I am appalled by the vandalism, and the racism of that has been daubed on the murals. ‘Our town is an open, welcoming place to all people. Those responsible for this graffiti should be identified and punished. If you have information please contact the police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously.” (Daily Mail)

The Gunners played their first pre-season against Celtic F.C. The match also witnessed a gesture of support against racism. The fight against this social evil is getting stronger from every wound.


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